Podcast: Can I Use Venmo for My Business?

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Episode #11

Square revolutionized the credit card processing market for small business, and they are a very popular payment processing solution. But there are so many other mobile apps out there now that make it possible for you to get paid online – Venmo, CashApp, ApplePay, AmazonPay, GooglePay, FacebookPay. We discuss:

  • Which payment apps can be used for business as an individual service professional and which should just be for personal use?
  • Are there any limits to using these payment apps for business?
  • How do you figure out which payment processing solution is best for you?
  • Does your payment processing solution have to integrate with your other business tools?

Jim Angleton, the President and CEO at Aegis FinServ Corp, a global financial and business intelligence firm, is here to discuss whether or not independent service professionals should use Venmo for their business. He shares some limitations around using a payment system like Venmo, whether or not there are security issues, and whether or not these apps check your credit history and credit score.