Pet Photographer Career Overview

• 23 June 2021

Overview of growing a career as a Pet Photographer

Pet photography captures the love, life and temperament of domestic animals of all shapes and sizes. Pet photography is all about showing that the animal is a part of the family by capturing the bond between pet and owner. 

There is a great deal of work behind the scenes of a pet photographer and the work can take hours to capture. Unlike humans, pets cannot be posed, so a photographer must take the time to first bond with the animal and then slowly begin to take pictures.

Requirements for Pet Photographers

Investigate the legal requirements in your state for starting your pet photography business, including licensing and insurance.

Growing your career as a Pet Photographer

The pet photography business can be competitive. To make yourself stand out from the crowd, it can be helpful to grow your talents and produce work in a range of different styles to showcase your abilities. Another great way to grow as an artist is to join networking communities and associations. Industry-specific communities offer insight into trade secrets, as well as provide opportunities to grow your business. 

Search through the resources below to begin your journey into your dream job.

Resources to help in starting or expanding your pet photographer career: