Fashion Photographer Career Overview

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Overview of Growing a Career as a Fashion Photographer

Fashion photography promotes individuals, brands and clothing styles. Fashion photography is all about telling a story for consumer interest. Within this type of photography, models are not the focus, but are used as a tool to promote a range of products ranging from jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, and brand names for products that can range from perfume to cars and more.

There is a great deal of work behind the scenes of a fashion photographer, and what most people don’t realize, is that this type of work requires you to work within a team. Often, the fashion photographer is not in charge of the shoot. They do not direct their models or set up the shoot in the way they desire. They are simply in charge of lighting and working with the rest of the crew – think director, makeup, wardrobe – to capture the perfect moment in time. 

Requirements for Fashion Photographers

Investigate the legal requirements for starting your fashion photography business such as licensing and certification in your state. 

Resources to help in starting or expanding your fashion photographer career: