7 Tips to Grow Your Online Tutoring Business

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Summer’s here! It’s the perfect opportunity to score new clients with online tutoring. The tutoring market can be competitive, especially with the school year approaching. So, you’ll need some solid techniques to grow your digital tutoring business and earn more money. 

Here are our best tips to grow your online tutoring business. 

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How do I sell myself as an online tutor?

Online tutors charge anywhere from $20 to $100 for an hour-long study session. So, you have the potential to earn serious money. Leave enough availability in your calendar for clients to book you, and you will surely hit your income goal. (Just remember to schedule buffer time to recharge and prep for your other appointments.) 

So, how do you attract potential clients to your booking site? Here’s how to grow your online tutoring business. 

#1 Offer Private Sessions

Tutors make good money by offering private sessions. Clients may be shy or easily distracted, so private lessons are necessary. Clients love them because they get personalized service on their own schedule.  The same applies to a  virtual tutoring business. 

Don’t be afraid to charge more for private tutoring sessions, even if they’re online. Tutors might charge about $80 for one-on-one time with their clients. Plus, it’s easier to get repeat bookings from a private session, and you bond with your students. 

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For best results, offer private sessions and group classes for your clients. You may find that one style fits your business and clients’ needs more than the other.

Here’s an idea: Look into tutoring gigs at your local community college. Universities want to help their students succeed (and relieve some of their stress), so they need tutors on call to recommend.  You can form partnerships with the departments in your niche and get a ton of referrals. It’s a win-win. 

#2 Host Online Classes 

If you want to attract new clients to your tutoring business, it’s time to take your sessions online. Tutoring can be stressful for clients who are struggling in their studies. You can take some of the pressure off by offering classes they can take anywhere. 

And virtual classes mean you can take on students from across the country. It’s a great opportunity to fill all those SAT prep slots. Plus, you don’t have to spend time and money renting out a classroom space at a time that works for everyone. Whew! Online classes are cost-efficient for you and your students.

It’s easy to set up a virtual classroom with PocketSuite. You can connect your Zoom account to the app and automatically add a video conferencing link to your services. 

#3 Sell Products

As a tutor, you know what tools and resources and resources your students need to succeed. Why not create and sell these products yourself? If they already trust your expertise, you’re more likely to make the sale. 

You can sell:

  • Study Guides
  • Notebooks
  • Planners
  • Flashcards
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The sky’s the limit. So, test several products to find out what performs well with your clients. It’s easy to create and sell digital products with PocketSuite. You can create an online store so clients can purchase your products as well as your services. And you can create product upsells. So, if a client books you for a tutoring session, they’ll get a little nudge to add one of your custom study guides to their cart before checkout.

An e-commerce store can help you attract new clients and earn more money as a digital tutor. 

#4 Write Guest Posts

Online tutors can grow their business by writing guest posts for blogs in their niche. There are many blogs in need of quality content to engage students. You don’t have to be an expert writer, just knowledgeable in your field. 

Guest writers usually receive an author’s bio, where you can add a link to your website or booking page. So you can market your business to potential clients. 

To find guest posting gigs, search “write for us + (your tutoring niche)” in Google. You get a slew of options. But remember to balance the time spent guest posting with the number of clients you can realistically obtain.

Here’s an idea: If you have some spare time, start your own blog or write about topics or study tips in your niche. It takes time to grow a blog. But you build an audience of potential clients. 

#5 Get social media savvy

Social media is a great tool to market your digital tutoring business. Social media pages work double duty. They can be your resume or booking site for potential students. 

Remember to create helpful and engaging content (and have fun!). You can create:

  • Live study session on  TikTok
  • Long explainers on YouTube
  • Quotes and tips on Instagram 

One day, your social media pages can become a source of income if you’re down to become an influencer.

#6 Coach aspiring tutors

Do you have a lot of experience as a tutor? Great! You can expand your business by offering coaching sessions to aspiring tutors. There are many budding entrepreneurs willing to pay for walkout advice to grow their businesses.

Maybe you’ll consult them on attracting clients, budgeting their business expenses, or creating a professional tutoring website. You can show them how to build a high-earning tutoring business just like you.

Just like your tutoring sessions, these coaching appointments can be done online.

#7 Develop an Online Course 

Online courses should be on every business owner’s radar. You get an additional source of income, and your clients get a self-service option. Create a course specific to your niche, like:

  • Writing a thesis/research paper
  • Completing scholarship applications
  • Developing resumes and cover letters

As long as you provide valuable information to your clients, you’re sure to see a boost in your clients and income. Online courses require a lot of work upfront (writing and filming). But they can act as passive income for years to come.

The Bottom Line

It’s time to level up your tutoring game. If you want to grow your digital tutoring business, diversify your services, and look for unique opportunities to attract new clients. 

PocketSuite can help you attract and retain tutoring clients. We have a range of dynamic features to onboard, manage, and market your services to clients. You have everything you need in one app!