Is the fear of rejection costing you money? Here’s how to overcome it.

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The fear of rejection is a goal killer. It may be standing in between you and the six-figure salary you deserve. All too often, entrepreneurs hold back their business growth because they don’t want to hear the dreaded “no.” Does this sound like you?

Keep reading! We break down the fear of rejection and give you tips to nip in the bud and reach your full business potential.

how to overcome fear of rejection

What happens when you avoid rejection in business?

Despite all their expertise and careful planning, entrepreneurs lose out on opportunities simply because they don’t take that final step: ask for business.

Of course, it can be daunting to promote a special new service or upsell products in your online store. (Will your clients like it? Will your sales increase?) But you put so much time and effort into building your business, training your staff, and perfecting your service offers. Don’t let it go to waste.

If you do, your competitors will step in to fill in the gaps you leave behind and collect your would-be profit. Not to mention, some new or potential clients may be on the fence about whether to book you. And without that final task, they’ll walk away altogether. 

The fear of rejection can lead to loss of sales, clients, and business reputation. And in extreme cases, entrepreneurs are even too shy to remind clients to pay for services they’ve already performed.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to kick your fear of rejection to the curb.

How do I get over my fear of rejection in business?

Don’t let your fears stand between you and your goals. Here are our best tips to conquer your fear of rejection and see your business flourish. 

#1 Build strong client relationships

It’s easier to ask for business when you know your audience. To lessen your fear of rejection, make the effort to foster authentic connections with clients. The rewards are endless. When you build strong relationships with your clients, you feel like you’ve earned the right to ask. And they’re more likely to say yes. 

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Whether you’re a trainer, stylist, or photographer, you have some level of influence in your client’s lives. They chose your business for a reason. You’ve built a rapport with them (or can in time), and it’s okay to use that as leverage to grow your business. After all, you know what your clients need, and you’re offering goods and services with real value. 

#2 Work on your confidence

You have to believe in your vision to see it through. The more you work on your confidence, the less your fear of rejection can control you. And it’s okay to fake it till you make it.

It’s easier to make a business ask when you know without a doubt that your services and products are top-tier. With enough confidence, it will be like second nature: no guilt, shame, or second-guessing yourself. 

Here’s a tip: Build confidence by acknowledging and celebrating your accomplishments. Did you get x new clients this year or hit a monthly income goal? By celebrating your results, you’ll start to associate the discomfort of stepping out of your comfort zone with a positive. And you get to pass that joy on to your clients! 

#3 Practice makes perfect 

If you’re going to overcome your fear of rejection, you have to confront it head-on. To do this, seek out rejection in your daily life. 

To get started, list every request you’re afraid will be denied and make a plan to counteract those fears. For example, schedule a few follow-up calls with clients each week. Make rejection a part of your routine, and it won’t be able to scare you.

how to overcome fear of rejection

Remember, business is the ultimate crash course on rejection. Every successful businessperson has dealt with rejection in their life. If you’ve thrown yourself fully into your business, you should be hearing “no” left and right. 

#4 Embrace your fears

Fear means you’re on an important path or doing something that matters for your growth. Let fear be your lightbulb moment, not a stop sign.

If people are objecting to your requests, that means you’ve got their attention, i.e., you haven’t been ignored. Why do you prefer to send 50 emails with no response or to get a few “No, thank you for considering me!”? It shows your efforts are not wasted. 

And it’s possible to turn an initial “No” into a “Yes.” You can ask why they turned you down and use it to improve your next pitch. There may have been a miscommunication, or perhaps your offer does not address their needs. Find out the reason behind their no, and you get an opportunity to make a more personalized pitch.

#5 Automate your asks

A lot of self-doubts happen during a pitch. But you can get ahead of it. If you’re not quite ready for the face-to-face ask, automate your follow-ups and upsells.

The best part of automation: there’s no time to talk yourself out of it. You can get leads and replies while managing the less intimidating parts of your business. It takes the pressure off, and it’s much faster than manual outreach or communication. 

how to overcome fear of rejection

The Bottom Line

Is the fear of rejection keeping you from hitting your six-figure income goal? Don’t worry, it’s happened to even the best entrepreneurs. And there are steps you can take to overcome it. 

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