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Now in its second decade, BarSculpt is not a fad or just another Barre class. The program is designed to produce results for all ages, so participants can enjoy a lifetime of healthy exercise and fitness. Thousands of people tone their bodies, lose weight and have fun in BarSculpt classes. As a result, instructors are in demand. Let’s go through what you need to know to become a BarSculpt instructor and have fun while earning a living.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this article:

  • How Much You Can Make
  • Training and Certification
  • Costs
  • Career Options
  • Finding Clients
  • Helpful Tips for BarSculpt Instructors

BarSculpt was developed by Leslie J. Guerin Canto, who refers to this fitness training as “Pilates evolved.” It is a variation of barre training combined with Pilates techniques to promote ease of movement and flexibility. Guerin Canto holds accreditations with Pilates Method Alliance and Pilates Academy International. She has provided training and taught fitness classes throughout the United States.

Through her trademarked program you can learn to become a BarSculpt instructor.

Originally named PureMovement, her studio and training facilities opened in 2006 and are based in Portland, Maine, although online courses are available for personal trainers who want to learn how to teach BarSculpt. Many of the BarSculpt fitness routines incorporate a ballet barre into the exercise.

BarSculpt combines strengthening, ballet-style stretching and high-energy cardio. Inspired by the Lotte Berk Method, which is the basis for all barre classes, students also train with a ballet bar for strength and conditioning to sculpt and tone their bodies while becoming physically fit. Like Yoga, BarSculpt is a discipline devoted to conditioning, flexibility and strength. BarSculpt specifically targets the abdominal muscles, arms, thighs and the butt.

Although BarSculpt works your entire body, one of the reasons the program is so popular is because it focuses on toning the smaller muscle groups. This keeps students from bulking up like bodybuilders, making BarSculpt especially popular with women who want to tone their body, not chisel it.

How Much You Can Make?

What Bare Instructors Make

The average hourly wage for a barre instructor is $22.50, according to the most recent data from PayScale. That’s just the average. A trained BarSculpt Instructor can expect to earn more with the specialization.

To give you an idea of the earnings potential, the original BarSculpt studio charges $30 per student for single classes. One-on-one training sessions start at $90.

You can compare that to this state by state guide to personal trainer salaries.

Training and Certification

BarSculpt training is available through the founder’s studio and website. Because the program is trademarked, only students certified by BarSculpt can use the BarSculpt methods and logos in their training programs.

The only prerequisite for becoming a BarSculpt instructor is an interest in the program and willingness to learn, Guerin Canto notes on the BarSculpt website.

You do not even need to be a fitness teacher to take the course. The BarSculpt League membership comes with online videos and teacher assistance to help your progress.

Step one of your training involves completion of the BarSculpt Level I class.

BarSculpt also offers 30 days of free access to video courses, which you can check out before enrolling in a training class.

Visit the Teacher Training page to sign up for courses, either in-person or online.

The intense training course provides all the information and tools you need to build a BarSculpt practice and start teaching. The course is designed to help you understand the BarSculpt workout and proper alignments through your own body. You’ll study the Lotte Berk Method, which is the root program behind BarSculpt, along with Pilates alignment. Trainees participate in five BarSculpt classes to experience the method firsthand.

Training for certification will teach you how to lead a BarSculpt class and teach private sessions. You’ll explore postural analysis and focus on how to modify and correct each section.

Whether you are a teacher of other methods, new to fitness instruction or just want to learn more about BarSculpt the certification course is designed to help you build your practice and teaching skills.

By the end of your training you will be prepared to lead a BarSculpt group class or teach privately.

Online training

To train online, contact the founder at to set up a phone call. She will help you get moving with Online Barre Training.

BarSculpt recommends that you watch the video for each class before participating.

As for equipment, you’ll need a proper barre (either wall-mounted or freestanding), a mat, hand weights, grip socks and a 10-foot yoga band for successful training. Yoga bands are used for resistance and stretching moves.

The program consists of training blocks where you’ll learn each of the 7 sections of the BarSculpt class.

BarSculpt estimates it will take 13 weeks to complete if you work on the online course one hour per day (7 hours a week).

Barsculpt Online Training

There’s a quiz at the end of each section you must pass to move on to the next section. You’ve got to post a perfect score on each quiz to advance to the next training session, but you are allowed to take the quiz as many times as necessary until you pass.

You’ll also need to make a short video of yourself performing the exercises for some quizzes. Video clips are emailed to your instructor for evaluation. This is to ensure you’re learning the moves correctly.

Individual attention is available for trainees through email, phone and video chat with BarSculpt instructors.

Online training involves a $100 upfront cost. This gives you access to The League, which is the BarSculpt online training portal.  The first month is free. After that, it will cost $20 per month for access.

You can cancel your League subscription after completing the training program, however, BarSculpt only allows members to use the BarSculpt name and logo in offering classes to students.

You’ll also be required to complete Level 1 and Level 2 courses before you can use the trademarked BarSculpt name and logo in your own practice.


  • After you complete each training block you’ll need to pay another $100, which unlocks the training materials for the next block. You can complete Level 1 for $375, or pay $700 up front for Level 1 and Level 2 training.
  • All training manuals and other learning materials are included in the cost and are loaded on the BarSculpt website, available to subscribers any time.
  • The current course schedule is available here.

What You’ll Learn

During your BarSculpt training you’ll learn the core movements and maneuvers before moving on to advanced exercises. These are the main classes offered by BarSculpt:

Pilates Reformer
  • Pilates Reformer Taught in a small group setting, reformer training helps build strength without creating bulky muscles. The focus is also on flexibility and balance. Pilates reformer delivers an invigorating, total-body workout.
  • Five Crunches This class is also taught in groups. Want high-toned abs? The five crunches will get you there. The focus is on building a strong core, improving posture and focusing the mind.
  • Pilates Mat/Wallboard Pilates Mat and Wallboard were developed by Joseph H. Pilates, he created the training method. It has been adapted for BarSculpt to teach the foundations of Pilates Mat and add intensity by using spring tension to take workouts to the next level.

Watch a video of a BarSculpt abdominal workout.

This video shows proper BarSculpt technique for exercising back muscles in the arms.

Professional Groups to Join

In addition to membership in the BarSculpt League, additional professional affiliations enhance your reputation and value as a trainer. Here are some of the best known:

National Academy of Sports Medicine has long been considered the gold standard of trainer certifications. NASM currently costs between $524 and $2,400 depending on the type of certification.

The National Council for Certified Professional Trainers has been certifying health and fitness pros since 2000. The credential is nationally accredited by the NCCA. The NCCPT offers certifications in personal training, group exercise, yoga, indoor cycling, youth and senior fitness, strength training, powerlifting, kickboxing, flexibility and weight management. The cost of NCCPT certification ranges between $250 and $550.

NASM and NCCPT certifications are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies.

Both organizations require recertification every two years with proof of 20 hours of continuing education.

The National Strength and Conditioning Association is also among the most-respected professional groups for personal fitness trainers. A one-year professional membership is $120. For that you get the professional designation of being a member, plus access to fitness articles and research, best practices, business tips and networking with other members. For social networking, the BarSculpt page on Facebook is a popular destination for students and instructors.

Career Options

With your BarSculpt training certificate in hand, you’ll be prepared to teach the method in group classes or private, one-on-one sessions for which you can typically charge more. BarSculpt instructors may have their own private practice or work for a gym or training studio. Having BarSculpt certification on your resume gives you one more advantage in getting your first BarSculpt teaching job. The skillset may also broaden your appeal and attract certain clients. 

Keep in mind that you must maintain membership in the BarSculpt League to use their name and other trademarked materials. For the $20 monthly membership you’re entitled to display the BarSculpt logo and name on your advertising materials, in your studio or gym, and on your website. This gives you added credibility and makes it easier for students to find you when they are actively looking for a BarSculpt course – or maybe you’re the only instructor in your area and people are just curious as to what it’s all about.

Members of the BarSculpt League also receive ongoing support as they build their practice. BarSculpt promises to respond within a week to members’ emails and phone calls with questions about the BarSculpt method. In addition, the BarSculpt website is updated monthly with new movements, music playlists to pump up your workout sessions and other fresh content.

Finding ClientsOnce you’ve completed Level 2 training, you can use the BarSculpt logo and branding in your promotional efforts. This sets you apart in the market. You’re running a BarSculpt studio. 

As a certified BarSculpt instructor and League Member, you can get help from BarSculpt headquarters in Maine. The founder promises to respond to all questions within 1 week. 

Asking current students to recommend your classes to their social networks is great word-of-mouth advertising. In return, you can offer them a discount on their classes.

Reviews on sites such as can also bring in new BarSculpt students. Setting up a Facebook business page for your studio is a must. Make sure it links to your business website to drive new students to you. Include an online booking button on all of your social media to make it easy for prospective students to see your availability and book you.

Helpful Tips for BarSculpt Instructors:

  •         You’ll need to sign up for BarSculpt membership, training and ongoing services. Membership is billed monthly and renews automatically. Membership can be cancelled with 30 days advance notice.
  •         Ready to get started? Here’s the sign-up link to become a BarSculpt League member.

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