eBook: How to Become a Studio Fitness Trainer

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Get Started with a Fitness Trainer Career

Becoming a fitness trainer is one of the most rewarding careers. Every day you’re helping clients transform into a better version of themselves as they grow stronger, healthier and more confident–both inside and out. That’s unbeatable.

Fitness Industry Growth

There’s also tremendous opportunity for personal trainers. More than 60 million people have gym memberships in the United States. That’s 1 out of every 5 people in America. And the numbers are growing.

Dedication to physical fitness combined with a love of teaching gives you a great start in your journey to becoming a fitness trainer. But there’s more you can do to get ready.

All The Certification Details Provided

While there are no licensing requirements to be a fitness trainer, many popular exercise programs are trademarked and branded. So to teach them, you’ll need certification in those particular methods from the companies that offer them. For example, BarSculpt is a trademarked exercise program that offers training for instructors who want to teach the method. This training is available exclusively from BarSculpt. 


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Comprehensive Details for Many Fitness Verticals

Each chapter in this guide provides an overview of popular exercise programs, the certification requirements, and costs. These fitness training specializations can give you a competitive advantage in attracting clients and boost your income. 

In this PocketSuite guide, you’ll discover how much you can earn, what’s involved in getting started, what your career options are, and how to attract clients.

Get all of these fitness specialties included in the eBook!

  1. How to become a BarSculpt Instructor
  2. How to become a Cardio Barre Instructor
  3. How to become a Zumba Instructor
  4. How to become a Spinning Instructor
  5. How to become a CrossFit Instructor
  6. How to become a Bootcamp Instructor

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Also available on Kindle