Easily add sales tax on all photography invoices, bookings and deposits with clients. Make accounting for local sales tax clean and simple with PocketSuite.

It’s easy – here’s how…

Save Sales Tax as Default

  • In PocketSuite Settings > Business > Location :confirm your zip code and toggle “Add Sales Tax” ON
  • Behind the scenes PocketSuite auto calculates your sales tax rate based on your location in the U.S.

Compose an Invoice

  • Compose an invoice (just like normal) to send to your client
  • Tap Total and authorize to add sales tax


Confirm Price before Sending

  • Tap final summary price amount
  • Confirm final amount to be sent to your client

Clients Can Pay Online

  • Clients can tap to pay any invoice via text or email
  • Clients can view itemization of all expenses including sales tax

Detailed Financial Reporting

  • In PocketSuite Settings > Help & Admin > Data Export : run reports on all payment activity
  • Reports include sales tax line items
  • Make end-of-period tax reporting that much easier