Wanting to automate follow-ups?

Maybe you always need to communicate something to clients before or after any appointment or session. Set important messages to be sent out before or after any appointment you have on your PocketSuite Calendar.

Messaging late at night?

You’re busy – sometimes late at night is the only time you have to send important messages to clients. No need to disturb clients with texts late at night. Queue up any late-night messages to be sent to clients automatically the next morning, so you can get a headstart on the day.

Eager to check in on a client if you don’t hear from them?

Set up check-ins or auto-messages to be sent to clients if you haven’t heard from them in a while. Maybe you’re messaging a client and they tell you they will plan on

Run daily or weekly drip messages?

Schedule regularly outgoing messages to specific clients ranging from daily quotes, to weekly homework, to monthly feedback requests, etc.

Let PocketSuite Messenger do the work to keep clients regularly engaged with your voice.

More than 1 client at a time? No problem.

Learn more about scheduling messages not just to clients one-by-one, but in group formatting.

Schedule group engagement campaigns to communities of clients, and also schedule broadcasts to customer lists.