You don’t have to be the world’s best or most famous fitness / health professional to make the most amount of money.

There are thousands of professionals using PocketSuite who are growing their businesses like crazy. They admit they aren’t “the best” at what they do…but the ones who are growing clients and sales the fastest are all doing the same exact things on PocketSuite.

Here are the 3 things the highest earners all do that are boosting growth…

Collecting Payment Upfront

The top 10% of fitness & health earners on PocketSuite sell 5 new packages each month. Selling a package services allows them to collect payment upfront, and then track the # of sessions they schedule with each client.

Promoting Bookings Online

The top 10% of fitness & health earners on PocketSuite have a booking widget installed to their Facebook page (and website). They promote, share and send their booking widget across social media and directly to their clients, and receive 17 bookings each month.

Setting Recurring Payments

The top 10% of fitness & health earners on PocketSuite also have 50% of their clients set up on payment subscriptions. That means every month, 50% of their client base gets automatically charged for ongoing services they provide.

Being “the best” and making “the most” does not always go hand-in-hand.

Simply do what the highest earners on PocketSuite do, and you’ll set your business up to make the most money possible. 

See for yourself…

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