Tips for Hairstylists Mixing Braiding Hair Colors

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Are you looking for new ways to impress your clients? Well, it’s time to mix and match your braiding hair colors. You can set yourself apart from the competition by adding pops of color to your hair braiding services.

Are you new to braiding with different hair colors? No problem!

We share our best practices for incorporating color into braided hairstyles and teach you how to convince clients to try a bold new look. 

Braiding Hair Colors

Is Hair Braiding Worth It?

Absolutely! Hair braiding is an essential technique to have in your stylist toolbox. People are willing to travel the world for a good set of braids. And professional hairstylists can make six figures a year on hair braiding services. 

Braids are a protective style, so they’re low maintenance, long-lasting, and keep your client’s hair from becoming tangled or damaged. Clients love braids because they provide a much-needed break from their daily hair routine. Not to mention, they’re incredibly gorgeous! 

You don’t have to master every intricate braided design. It’s okay to stick to the basics. Just make sure you can handle different hair textures, whether straight, curly or afro-kinky. 

Why Should Stylists Try Braiding With Different Hair Colors?

Braiding with a single hair color can get boring for you and your clients. You should learn to incorporate hair colors into your go-to braiding styles, even if your clients only ever ask for plain black braids. Eventually, your clients will want to switch it up, and you need to be ready.

Using a mix of braiding hair colors allows your clients to reinvent themselves without the long-term commitment of hair dye. You can also show your range as a stylist and add stunning photos to your portfolio. They’re easy to install and take out. So, why not? 

You can add hair braiding colors to traditional braids, knotless braids, and even twists. 

What’s The Best Way To Use Color in Braids?

We know you’ll love mixing hair colors with your braided styles. But, if you’re a novice, it can be difficult to get the hang of it at first. Here are some best practices for braiding with different hair colors. 


With any kind of hair braiding, preparation is key. If you’re mixing colors, you need to do a bit more legwork to make sure the colors look good together and match your client’s vision. 

Before you start, ensure your client’s natural hair and braiding hair are clean and detangled. Remember to use products made for chemically-dyed hair. And avoid shampoos that can wash out the color or damage the hair.

Braiding Hair Colors


Make sure you choose (or recommend) a high quality braiding hair for the appointment. Braiding hair comes in many colors and textures, and your clients will have their own preferences. It’s a good idea to do a consultation before the appointment, so you’re both clear on what hair you’ll use.

Also, spare a thought about your client’s real hair color. Multicolor braids can get tricky if your client’s real hair is already dyed more than one color. The braiding hair might cover their real hair, but some colors can stick out. To fix this, you can recommend they dye their real hair a single color to achieve a consistent look.


As a stylist, you know that good supplies make a huge difference. They don’t have to be expensive, but they should be effective. Use a “rat-tail” comb to create clean parts for hair braiding. Uneven parts can snag, cause pain and look messy. 

It’s even more important to stay organized when mixing hair colors. So, keep some large hair clips handy to move loose sections out of the way. These will help you keep the hair under control. 


Inconsistent patterns will be even more noticeable when mixing hair braiding colors. So, a good technique is essential. You have to feed in the hair colors gradually, so take small sections of each color and mix them one at a time. Keep your grip firm, but don’t apply too much tension. If you pull too tight, you can cause pain for clients, and the design will be uneven. 

And remember to detangle! Comb out the hair often to avoid knots and snags. Your clients will thank you. When you’re done, clean up their edges and apply mousse to keep the braids sleek for a long time. 

Braiding Hair Colors

How To Sell Clients On Braiding Hair Colors

So, you’ve fallen in love with mixing hair braiding colors. Now, all you have to do is get your clients on board. This might be a challenge, but we’re here to help. Here’s how to convince your clients to try braiding hair colors at their next appointment.

#1 Offer A Free Consultation

Some clients are hesitant to try new hairstyles. And first–time clients are especially unlikely to take your suggestions. To break the ice, offer a free hair consultation or a session 0. In this consultation, clients can get to know your process, and you can understand their vision.

Use this time to explain the benefits of mixing braiding hair colors. They may not know all of their options or how much experience you have with style. Remind them that they don’t have to use color all over their hair. A few colorful braids at the front or an ombré effect toward the ends is more than enough. 

This is the perfect time to impress them with your expertise. And you have a better chance of landing a booking after making that human connection. 

#2 Give Them Everything They Need

Clients might not try different hair colors if they don’t know where to buy quality hair or reliable products. They don’t want to waste time shopping for a new hair type when they can stick to their old favorites. You can take the pressure off by selling hair, products, and tools directly to your clients.

PocketSuite lets you sell products to your clients from the app. You can offer hair care products as stand-alone items or add-ons when they book your services. This way, you know your clients have high-quality hair for their appointment and can take care of the style when they leave. 

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#3 Make Yourself Available

Clients won’t try different braiding hair colors if they don’t know it’s an option. Let your clients know that you offer this service wherever you advertise your business. Better yet, feature your best braided hair color designs on Instagram and TikTok to show off what you can do to full effect. Make it easy for clients to book a hair braiding session by adding your availability to your booking site. 

Remember to schedule your time wisely. When it comes to hair braiding, patience is vital. Clients expect hair braiding sessions to take a few hours. And they’re worth the wait. Don’t speed through an appointment just to fit in a few more. Sure, more appointments mean more money. But it’s not worth risking your reputation as a stylist or your well-being. Take your time and schedule buffer time between sessions to get some much-needed rest.

#4 Gift An Appointment

If you’re having trouble convincing clients to try braiding hair colors, you can try to gift an appointment. A good deal is irresistible, and clients love being rewarded for their loyalty. You can offer a discounted braiding session to clients who use color at their next appointment. In the PocketSuite app, you can credit your client for one free appointment by giving them a gift certificate. 

#5 Respect Their Preferences

It can be tough to coax a client out of their comfort zone, especially when it comes to their hair. And you never want to push. Some clients love suggestions, but others might find them pushy or annoying. If they typically stick to a neutral hair color, save your pitch for another color-loving client.Trust us.They’re out there!

You can find out if a client is willing to try braiding hair colors before meeting them. All you have to do is add an intake form to your custom PocketSuite booking site. Use the form to ask questions about their style, history, and preferences. 

Braiding Hair Colors

Are You Ready To Use Hair Braiding Colors?

Hair braiding is naturally repetitive but doesn’t have to be boring. You can take your hair braiding services to the next level by using a mix of colors in your styles. Clients will love it and tell their friends about your skills. So, it’s a great way to get repeat bookings for your business.

PocketSuite can help you manage all those new clients. With PocketSuite, you can run your hair business in one app. You can schedule appointments, receive payments, sell products and send contracts to your clients straight from your phone. We have all the tools you need to build a successful hair business.