The Pilates Greenhouse, LLC

• 5 March 2020

The Pilates Greenhouse, LLC Overview

The Pilates Greenhouse, LLC is authorized to direct Pilates Teacher Training programs by the Pilates Method Alliance and is a member school of the alliance. Candidates for the Teacher Training/Certificate Program are typically fitness coaches, physical advisors, and practicing Pilates aficionados.

Having some essential knowledge of human life systems and development understanding is useful when starting a top to bottom program like this one. In the event that you don’t have any Pilates expereience, they suggest you take at least 25 Pilates classes/exercises to give you some fundamental understanding both physically and mentally.

Training Programs at The Pilates Greenhouse, LLC

  • Anatomy, Bio-mechanics and Posture Review (ABP) – 12 Hours
  • All Populations Mat (APM) – 36 Hours
  • Mat Progressions & Challenges (MPC) – 6 Hours
  • All Populations Reformer (APR) – 48 Hours
  • Reformer Progressions & Challenges (RPC) – 18 Hours
  • All Populations Cadillac/Tower (APC) – 30 Hours
  • Cadillac/Tower Progressions & Challenges (CPC) – 12 Hours
  • All Populations Barrels (APBarrels) – 8 Hours
  • Barrels Progressions & Challenges (BarrelsPC) – 4 Hours
  • All Populations Chair (APChair) – 16 Hours
  • Chair Progressions & Challenges (ChairPC) – 6 Hours
  • Price Range: Starting at $4,250 

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