The Aikido Association International (AAI)

• 23 June 2021

An Overview of The Aikido Association International (AAI)

The Aikido Association International (AAI) is the global arm of the Aikido Association of America and has subsidiary dojos in more than ten countries. AAI was established by Shihan Fumio Toyoda. Services incorporate instruction, school acknowledgment, rank check by sanctioned tests, class workshops and other help to Aikido educators and specialists around the world.

The goal of AAI is to lift Aikido training universally to its highest level and to give Aikido to people in the future through the improvement of professional instruction. AAI is baased in Chicago. Shihan Toyoda established AAI in 1986 and brought more than 40 years of Aikido training experience to AAI and its programs.

How to Join The Aikido Association International (AAI)

Whether you are looking to join the organization, coordinate an aikido demonstration, enter their uchideshi program (live-in trainees), schedule a speaking engagement, or affiliate your dojo, the association is happy to assist with you with your inquiry. The AAA and AAI provide several different types of services to individuals, dojo, and the community. 

Resources for The Aikido Association International (AAI)

Location: 1016 W Belmont Ave Chicago, IL 60657