SF Commercial Dog Walker Certification

• 2 March 2020

SF Commercial Dog Walker Certification Overview

The two courses leading to certification teach on leash and off leash dog walking, and for training dogs individually or in a group setting.

You’ll also learn how to manage your business, advertising tips, complying with nearby laws and statutes, and how to attract customers.

Training Programs at SF Commercial Dog Walker Certification

  • Learning Theory
  • Positive Reinforcement Techniques
  • Canine Psychology
  • Body Language
  • Proper Dog Walking Equipment & Tools
  • Evaluating Dogs For Group Suitability
  • Ideal Group Structure
  • Maintenance & Good Pack Management
  • Methods For Addressing Problem Behaviors
  • Dog Fight Prevention & Understanding Aggression
  • Basic First Aid & Response
  • Compliance With Local Laws
  • Recommended Outside Material
  • Business Methods
  • 40 Hour Hands-On Field Course
  • Price Range: $250 – $500 

Resources for SF Commercial Dog Walker Certification

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