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Training and Certification for Real Estate Photographer

Are you a photographer looking to get into the real estate photography business? As a freelance photographer, there are countless opportunities for training, it all depends on what you are comfortable with and how you want to begin.

Basic Online Training

To begin your real estate photography career, there are many online tutorials. These range from YouTube clips, to free basic photography courses. For those just starting out, why not ask your friends if you can photograph their homes? This way, you get a lot of practice at stylizing homes, shooting photos, and editing, and you can build your portfolio at the same time. Not only will this give you plenty of real-life experience, it will also help you build up your portfolio. Tip: Try photographing the same home at different times of the day so you can see the difference in lighting. This way, when you begin to gain clients, you know exactly what time you need to schedule your appointment.

Professional Real Estate Photography Training

Courses will give you hands-on experience, with feedback from a professional to ensure you are on the right track.