5 Steps To Become a Six-Figure Mobile Esthetician

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More and more, clients want their favorite services in the comfort of their own homes. And yes, that includes facials and waxes! Why not give them what they want? You can become a mobile esthetician, whether you’re new to the beauty industry or an experienced pro looking to expand your business offerings. If you’re ready to take your beauty business on the road and earn a six-figure income, we’ve got you covered!

This article shows you exactly how to become a mobile esthetician and grow your beauty business using PocketSuite.

What is a mobile esthetician?

A mobile esthetician offers beauty services in the comfort of the client’s home or other onsite location. Clients get facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures, and massages wherever they please. You may even perform treatments at a party or event.  

Plus, it’s not just a good choice for clients. As a mobile esthetician, you’ll have more flexibility to work from anywhere. Mobile estheticians can also cater to a luxury clientele without paying for a luxury office lease. 

It’s easy to get started as a successful mobile esthetician. Of course, you’ll need the basics: training, a business license, high-quality products, and reliable transportation. But it’s all worth it! A mobile esthetician business is super rewarding for beauty and wellness professionals.

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Tips to grow a mobile esthetician business

Mobile estheticians are in high demand. It’s a convenient and personalized business model that attracts high-quality clients! So how do you get started?  Good news: PocketSuite is designed for estheticians on the go. We have everything you need to run a mobile esthetician business straight from your phone.

#1 Luxury Mobile Set-up

As a skin professional, creating a relaxing and luxurious experience is part of your skill. Your clients book you not only for your results but also to feel cared for and pampered. So it’s important to create a luxury experience for your clients in their homes, too. 

To make your at-home experience a luxury event, you’ll have to be more thoughtful about the products, equipment, and items you carry to each house and how you store them. You want to make sure you are able to quickly and efficiently set up, take down, and organize your work items for travel so you are never without that needed product. Also, put thought into the products you use most with refill packages ready in your vehicle. 

#2 Automate Client comunications

As a six-figure mobile esthetician business, staying in touch with clients is essential. When you’re on the go, you don’t want anything to get lost in translation. PocketSuite makes it easy for you to connect with clients.

You can chat with clients directly in the PocketSuite app. All client communication is stored in one place, so you never miss a beat. To take some of the load off, you can create and save message templates to send to clients. Plus, you can send automated appointment reminders to avoid no-shows and last-minute cancellations. 

Client communication should be a #1 priority. So, we offer a dedicated business line to all premium subscribers. PocketSuite is the best software for a mobile esthetician to keep in touch with clients.  

#3 Get more Google Leads and Reviews

To get booked solid, you need to put your mobile esthetician business on the map … literally! Your Google business page is crucial in growing a mobile esthetician business.

Clients want an esthetician they can trust, especially when they’re coming to their homes. So, their first stop will be your Google business page to check out reviews and services. You can optimize your Google business to get discovered and land more bookings. Use the following tips to make sure your Google business profile shows up in search results when clients search “esthetician near me”: 

  • Update your business info. Make sure your service hours, description, and contact information are accurate.
  • Add a “book now” button to your Google Business profile. It will link directly to your appointment booking site so you get more leads.
  • Ask clients for reviews. High-quality reviews increase your search rankings. More good reviews mean more bookings. Also, respond to bad reviews to quell worries from potential clients. 

#4 Collect client info and documents

As a mobile esthetician, you need more than a client’s name and location to get your job done. You need to know about their skin type, allergies, and product preferences. PocketSuite makes it easy to collect all the information you need for the appointment with forms and contracts. You can create forms to learn about a client’s preference or even collect documents and images. Clients can upload images of their acne scarring or inspiration photos when they book you online. Plus, you can ask clients to sign contracts or waivers during booking to protect your business from potential legal issues.

#5 Choose an advanced scheduling tool

As a mobile esthetician, your bookings may take you all over your city. PocketSuite makes it easy for you to get there! PocketSuite’s all-in-one scheduling calendar makes it easy to book and manage appointments all from the same screen. Plus, our calendar comes with a map view (one of six dynamic views)! You see all your appointments for the upcoming day on a digital map. You can get directions in just a few taps. This makes it 10x easier to plan your journey, stay on schedule, and keep clients happy.

#6 Sell Products Online

More than likely, your clients are on the hunt for top-tier skin products and an esthetician. Luckily, you can offer them both by selling retail products as well as services. With PocketSuite, you get esthetician business software and an e-commerce solution in one. It’s perfect for a mobile esthetician because clients can order the products online and have them shipped directly to them. There’s no need to have a bunch of inventory on hand!

You can quickly set up an online store in the PocketSuite app without any extra fees. Just add products to your site, determine your pickup or delivery settings, and prepare to fulfill your orders. You’re sure to make some sales, whether you’re selling post-wax care kits or face toners. By offering online products, you earn more money and make a better impression on your clients.

The best part is that you can upsell add-on products with your services in the PocketSuite app. So, if you have products that pair well with a service, like a foot scraper with a pedicure, your clients are promoted to buy the items at checkout. 

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Are you ready to take your business on the road?

If you’re ready to become a high-earning mobile esthetician, you need a reliable booking app like PocketSuite. PocketSuite has everything you need to run a mobile esthetician business. From online booking to payments to product sales, we’re the all-in-one app for estheticians!