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The bond between a hairstylist and a client runs deep. It’s not easy to get someone to try a new stylist or look. So, how do you convince potential clients to take the leap? If you want a sure way to attract new clients, offer a hair consultation. 

But what is a hair consultation? 

Keep reading! We tell you everything you need to know about hair consultations and how to use them to book more clients.

hair consultation

What is a hair consultation?

 A hair consultation is a pre-appointment conversation between you and your client. During a hair consultation, you’ll learn a client’s expectations for the real appointment and talk about their concerns. 

This is your chance to learn about their hair history and goals so that you can make a plan for the big day. It’s also a great time to introduce the client to other stylists or staff that will help you during the appointment.

Some stylists offer hair consultations as a separate service a few days (or even weeks) before the appointment. This is recommended if it’s your first time with a client. But you can also schedule a quick meeting on the day for one of your regulars. Either way, it’s important to block out time for a consultation before every session.

 Why Is a Hair Consultation Important? 

Good communication is key for a stylist. You want to schedule a time to make sure you’re on the same page, even if only to explain the difference between a balayage and an ombre. 

A hair consultation is a lifesaver before a big hair transformation, like a pixie cut or color change. And it’s essential if you’re styling an important event, like a wedding. It’s especially important for new clients who may not have experience with you or salons.

Hair consultations give you an opportunity to build trust with your client. You get to show them that you care about what they want. And you’ll have a better appointment day because of it.

Good hair consultations lead to reviews, referrals, and bookings! Nail the hair consultation, and you could land a client for life (or at least secure a good tip.)

6 Tips for a Successful Hair Consultation 

#1 Ask The Right Questions:

You have to ask the right questions to get more bookings from a hair consultation. In general, you should ask introductory questions to get a feel for their intentions and build trust and questions to understand their preferences. This helps you provide better recommendations.

It’s also good to learn about their hair care routine. A low-maintenance person won’t do well with a style that needs lots of upkeep. And be sure to ask about any allergies or medical conditions that could influence the appointment.

 Here are some go-to questions to ask during a hair consultation:

  • How can I help you today?
  • What is your biggest hair priority? 
  • Do you have any inspo pictures?
  • What do you like about your hair? 
  • What’s your budget?
  • What made you book my consultation service? 
  • How did you learn about my business?

 #2 Keep It Conversational

A hair consultation is an opportunity to start your relationship on a high note. This shouldn’t be a stuffy, formal meeting. After all, you don’t want clients to feel like they’re at a job interview. So, be personable and keep it positive. Sit straight across from them and maintain eye contact. A part of being a hairstylist is building confidence in your clients. So, take steps to encourage them and make them feel comfortable.

hair consultation

#3 Do a Demo

Hair is a visual medium. It’s easier to show than tell. Feel free to do a quick demonstration of the style during the consultation. If your hair consultation is online, have a mannequin nearby or demonstrate on your own hair.

The good news is that clients know to come prepared with lots of hair inspo pictures, whether from Pinterest styles or trending celeb looks. If they don’t bring a picture, have some ready to show as an example.

Also, this is the perfect chance to demo and sell your products. Be prepared to answer questions about any products you sell, whether homemade or retail. Remember to detail the product, ingredients, instructions, and how it solves their problems.

#4 Take Notes

The key to a great meeting is to take notes (Or have a fellow stylist help you). Your notes act as a record for you and any other stylist who might step in when you’re unavailable. So, listen carefully. Take note of how they usually style their hair and clothes. You’ll be thankful to have something to look back on to choose the right style.

And be sure to update your notes after the actual appointment.

hair consultation

#5 Be Realistic

As a hairstylist, you have to be the voice of reason. You can perfectly execute a client’s request, but they still leave unhappy because the style is too far out of their comfort zone. It’s your job to keep them in check.

During the hair consultation, be honest about what’s possible for their hair. It’s not worth it to fill them with false hope. The good news is that there’s probably a better option they haven’t considered. This is where your hair expertise comes in handy.

#6 Know When It’s Not a Good Fit

You won’t be the right stylist for every client. If their expectations or price range don’t align with your business, let them know, and feel free to walk away. It’s better than going through with the booking and wasting your time and resources.

You probably have your rates listed on your booking site, but be extra transparent about pricing during the hair consultation.

How much should I charge for a hair consultation?

On average, stylists charge $50 for a hair consultation. But you can charge much more for weddings and special events.

A good hair consultation can land you new clients and repeat bookings. So it may be worth it to offer a consultation for free. Potential clients don’t know much about your services. A free consultation can get their foot in the door. 

The Bottom Line

A hair consultation is all about improving the client experience. It allows you to build rapport with clients and land more bookings. You can also earn extra cash if you charge for this service. So, don’t forget this crucial step.

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