How To Become a Lash Tech: 5 Steps To Success [2024]

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Do you dream of becoming a full-time lash technician? Are you already a licensed cosmetologist eager to expand your skill set and add a new service to your business? Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we teach you everything you need to know on how to become a lash tech in 2024.

how to become a lash tech

Can you make a lot of money as a lash tech?

Yes! The lash tech business is booming. Lash technicians can earn six figures per year by starting their own business. You build a client base and set your own rates. Plus, certified beauty specialists can earn more.

How do I become a lash tech?

A six-figure lash tech business is possible if you know the right steps. Before opening up your business, you need proper training and preparation to attract and retain happy clients. PocketSuite helps lash technicians manage clients and grow their businesses, and now we want to help you. 

Here’s how to become a lash tech in 2024.

#1 Attend an accredited cosmetology school or lash extension course

Clients won’t let just anyone handle this delicate beauty routine. So, you need the technical training and confidence to apply safe and beautiful lash extensions. To become a lash tech, you should complete a lash extensions course or program from a reputable beauty school. 

Lash programs will vary, but your required training hours depend on your state. For example, in Texas, you must complete at least 320 hours of instruction at a licensed cosmetology school 

Also, some beauty schools have an on-site beauty clinic that’s run by students. So, you have an opportunity to practice your skills with real clients. And, depending on your state, you may be issued a temporary student permit during your training. 

Plus, a professional degree or certificate from a cosmetology school can help you build trust with clients. It lets clients know that you’ve put in the work to deliver quality service.

Can I do an online lash course?

Yes! Lash extension courses are available online. However, your state may specifically require you to complete hands-on instruction hours to obtain your license. So, be sure the course hours will count towards your license or certifications before enrolling in a program or paying tuition!

#2 Obtain your lash extension license or certification

A license is a state-issued document that gives you the right to perform lash services, while a certification is typically issued by a beauty school or independent program. 

Every state is different. Some states will require you to obtain a specialty license to become a lash tech, a general cosmetology license, or a lash technician certification. It’s important to understand your local regulations to avoid any hefty fines. 

For example, you must obtain an Eyelash Extension Specialist license to become a lash tech in Texas.  The licensing process involves both a written and practical examination. Don’t forget you’ll have to pay a fee and renew your license regularly.

Read our complete guide to becoming a licensed eyelash technician!

#3 Invest in quality equipment and a dedicated workspace

You’ll have to spend some money upfront before you can open up shop. First decide, where will you take clients. Maybe you’ll start an at-home lash business or rent a booth at a local beauty salon. Or perhaps you use a van to create a mobile lash business and meet clients at their homes.  

how to become a lash tech

Either way, you’ll need high-quality tools and equipment to keep your clients looking good. The good news is that as a licensed beauty professional, you can buy wholesale beauty products at discounted prices from popular distributors. Just make sure to check their reviews. 

#4 Create an online presence to attract new clients

As a new business, online discovery is key! Take time to curate your social media channels and business websites for your target audience. However, the best way to attract more clients is with an optimized Google business profile. 

Your Google business profile is your ticket into your clients’ search results. When potential clients browse Google for a “lash tech in Florida” or a similar search term, your business will pop up. Of course, other businesses are competing for the same ranking. That’s why you need to optimize your Google business profile to get the most leads and reviews. 

Google ranks profiles with more reviews. So take care to solicit reviews from your clients after completing a service. With an app like PocketSuite, you can request Google reviews from your clients automatically!

#5 Automate your lash tech business with a booking app

You love perfecting a set of lashes. But a lash business also comes with time-consuming business management tasks, like scheduling appointments, following up with clients, and accepting payments. That’s why you need a CRM or booking to run your lash business.

A good booking app gives you more time to do what you love. With the right app, you can have clients book you online, set up automatic appointment reminders, and accept multiple forms of payments all in one place.  

how to become a lash tech

The Bottom Line

With time and training, you can become a lash tech. PocketSuite is the all-in-one app to grow a Successful lash tech business. We have all the tools you need to book clients, attract leads, solicit reviews, and accept payments straight from your phone!