The Ultimate Guide To High Ticket Sales for Your Spa Business

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Do you want to boost your spa revenue in 2024? High ticket sales are your best bet. But what are high-ticket items, and how do you implement them successfully into your business? We’ve got you covered!

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about making high ticket sales as a spa business owner. 

What are high ticket sales?

Do you have high-quality services or products that you sell at a premium price point? These are known as your high-ticket sales. These items have an X-factor or unique value that makes them significantly more expensive than your other offerings or those of your competitors. Remember, the phrase “high-ticket” varies between industries. A high ticket sale for spa and beauty professionals may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

So, what differentiates a high ticket sale from your regular offers? 

#1 Price Point

High-ticket items cost significantly more than the industry average and other offerings on your service list. You can justify this higher price point with clients by offering value, exclusivity, or additional benefits.

#2 Sales Process

High-ticket items may have a more complex or lengthy sales process. It will require more effort to get clients over the finish line than the standard spa appointment. You may have to provide an initial consultation or customize the offer to fit your client’s needs. It’s worth it because your clients will be more engaged and more likely to take the offer.

#3 Quality

Clients are willing to pay premium prices for high-ticket items because they’re getting premium quality. Your high-ticket offers should have better quality and more advanced benefits than your other services. Otherwise, they’ll be hard sell. 

#4 Client Base

High ticket sales appeal to a specific type of client. These clients are willing and able to make significant financial investments in exchange for top-tier products or services. Expect to adjust your marketing efforts to reach those types of clients. 

Why are high ticket sales essential for business growth?

You already have a steady stream of clients and a good income, so why bother with high ticket offers? That’s easy. High ticket sales can take your spa business to the next level. Here’s how:

#1 Create a Better Client Experience

High-ticket items allow you to give your clients a luxury, personalized experience. Clients are willing to invest in a premium experience.  You might offer access to exclusive treatments, VIP treatment rooms, or luxury products. It’s your chance to make a good impression and a perfect way to get repeat bookings.

#2 Boost Your Income

Higher price points mean more money in your wallet. You can grow a successful business with standard spa services, of course. But offering high-ticket items boosts your revenue with fewer transactions and makes it easier for you to hit that six-figure goal! You’ll have more money at your disposal to invest back into your business.

#3 Differentiate Your Brand

With high-ticket sales, you can brand your spa as a luxury business. It’s a great way to stand out from competitors and attract new clients who want an exclusive wellness experience.

What are the best high-ticket sales for a spa business?

Are you ready to add high-ticket offers to your spa business? Great! We put together a list of the best premium offers for spa businesses or solo estheticians. 

#1 Online Courses

As an esthetician, you can create and sell online courses as high-ticket items.  Offer exclusive content for clients and even other beauty professionals, like advanced skincare techniques or expert wellness coaching. You may even offer one-on-one live courses to personalize the experience. High ticket sales are all about providing a unique value. Make your course memorable. Your students can even earn a certification at the end!

Here’s an idea: Bundle your online courses with spa products or services. That way, your clients get the perfect mix of education and treatments, and you’re more likely to make the sale. 

You can set up an online course in the PocketSuite app. Just turn on our class feature and attach a video conference link to the booking.

#2 Luxury Products                  

Retail products go hand in hand with a spa business. You may already sell some to clients. Why not take it a step further and offer luxury skincare products to make those high-ticket sales? Clients want high-quality products made from natural ingredients and advanced formulas. This can be anything from skincare serums to waxing tools to robes and accessories. 

If you can find exclusive brands that clients won’t be able to pick up easily at other spas, you’re sure to make some sales. Offering luxury skincare products can help you earn more money and build your brand as an exclusive business.  

PocketSuite makes it easy to sell luxury products with our Online Products features. You can set up an e-commerce store and track orders straight from your phone!

#3 Spa Retreat

You can offer an immersive retreat to your spa clients. Ideally, this high-ticket experience will include a full day of pampering with exclusive access to private relaxation areas, a personal concierge, a series of signature treatments, and gourmet spa cuisine. This offer is sure to elevate your clients’ experiences but also positions your spa as an elite business. Spa retreats can take time to plan and will require some upfront investment on your part.

#4 Skincare Consultations

As a spa business owner, you can offer skincare consultations as high-ticket services. Clients need more than treatments. They want to understand their skin and how to care for it in between appointments. Clients with chronic skin conditions, like acne, are especially willing to invest in a high-ticket service that will help them on their journey to healthy skin. This premium experience should involve in-depth skin analysis and end with a customized skincare regimen, including exclusive product recommendations. You can add a skincare consultation as a service on your PocketSuite booking site. 

#5 VIP Membership Program:

You can also offer a VIP spa membership to your clients. Members enjoy exclusive benefits such as priority booking, complimentary upgrades, and early access to new treatments. Membership programs create loyal clients and ensure a steady stream of revenue for your spa business. 

PocketSuite makes it easy to create a membership program with our Subscriptions feature. When you start a subscription, your clients are charged for particular services on a  predetermined schedule, like once a month or every other week. 

Are you sold? 

High ticket sales are a game changer for a spa business. You can boost your revenue and your client loyalty with these premium offers. Whether you sell luxury products or online courses as your high-ticket items, PocketSuite can help. PocketSuite is the all-in-one tool to run a spa business.