Golden Paws Pittsburgh PA

• 30 April 2020

Golden Paws Pittsburgh PA Overview

The school’s goal is to equip students with a solid foundation of styling and washing skills that will empower them to have a successful career in the Pet Styling Profession. The school has an exclusive permit to instruct the “Brilliant Paws Method” a proven program with numerous alumni. This program teaches quality styling/washing skills and how to apply them to meet individual client demands.

Your success in the pet styling/washing field is their objective. Students learn the job skills that will enable them to build a career as a pet beautician or a grooming salon director. 

Training Programs at Golden Paws Pittsburgh PA

  • Prepping 101
  • Bathing & Drying 102
  • Styling 103
  • Salon Manager Responsibilities 104
  • Creating a Successful Support Staff 105
  • Hiring the Support Staff 106
  • Developing an Effective Supervisory System 107
  • Developing a Safety Program 108
  • Daily Bookkeeping 109
  • Understanding Financial Statements 110
  • Price Range: Starting at $6,100 

Resources for Golden Paws Pittsburgh PA

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