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Corporate photography helps companies promote their business and employees. On the surface, corporate photography isn’t as exciting as food or wedding photography, but it brings in just as much cash if not more. Many people start successful businesses as corporate photographers. 

Here’s everything you need to know about corporate photography, plus tips to book more clients in this photography niche.

corporate photography

What is corporate photography?

Corporate photography captures the heart and soul of a business. Corporate photography tells the story of the business and its employees. Your shots will be used by the business on their website, recruitment documents, social media, and other marketing channels. For example, a business can hire a corporate photographer to take photos of their team during a company-sponsored marathon. 

Common corporate photography shots include:

  • Employee portraits, headshots, and team photos
  • Office building and work environment photos
  • Event photos and videos, like from conferences or office parties

Despite its name, corporate photography isn’t stuffy or boring. In fact, businesses are looking for photographers who can put a creative spin on their standard corporate shots. That could be you! Not to mention it’s a necessity for both small and large businesses, so your services will always be in demand.

What is commercial photography vs. corporate photography?

Commercial photographers shoot products or services a business offers to get them more sales, bookings, etc. Corporate photography captures the personality of the business and the people who work there. In general, corporate photographers are focused on shooting people in their role at the business. 

How do you do corporate photography?

Corporate photographers capture a business’ personality. Unless they’ve called you in for a rebrand, your photographs have to match the brand’s styles. They may have an existing style guide. If so, you want to make it as easy as possible for the business to use your shots in their existing marking materials. 

To get started with corporate photography: 

  • Apply for photography internships with hands-on experience
  • Create a portfolio of corporate photography shots, or a similar photography niche like product photography or even real estate photography
  • Work on your networking and customer service skills. Customer service is important to get repeat bookings. Be respectful and professional always!
Sign Up Business

3 tips to grow a corporate photography business

#1 Create and optimize a Google business page

Your goal is to have your business show up when potential clients search “corporate photographers near me” or some variation. There are steps you can take to optimize your Google business page to get more reviews and bookings, like:

  • Update your service hours, special hours, and description to make it easy for clients to find and contact you
  • Add a “book now” button to your Google Business profile that links directly to your appointment booking site
  • Add photos of your studio, portfolio, and past corporate photography shoots
  • Solicit reviews from your clients and respond to bad reviews to clear up any misunderstandings.  

Don’t forget to link your Google business profile to all your social media channels. Bring the reviews to your clients to build trust!

#2 Create a network of referrers

Referral marketing is key to growing a small business. Corporate photographers should take time to create a community willing to send new clients to your business. As a corporate photographer, you can partner with a wide range of business professionals, like coaches and event planners, and even other photographers who work with companies but may not have your expertise. Give as much as you take with a referral partnership so they’re more inclined to recommend your services. 

If you have the resources, you can create referral incentives for your existing clients. Businesses are more likely to book your services if they’re recommended by a trusted person who’s worked with you before. Your existing clients will get discounts (or other rewards) when they recommend you for a new gig. It’s a win-win!

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The network is everything in this particular niche. The corporate world holds its network above all else, business want to work with vendors they know and can trust, so will look to referrals. Join professional groups or find online photography communities.

#3 Booking app

To take your corporate photography business to the next level, you need a great booking software. A booking app makes it easy to schedule shoots, chat with clients, and accept payments. As a corporate photographer, you’ll be on the go a lot, so a mobile-first booking app like PocketSuite is the perfect solution. 

With PocketSuite, you can let clients book you online and sell photography packages to maximize your income. It’s an all-one solution to grow as a real corporate photographer.

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The Bottom Line

Corporate photography is a profitable, in-demand photography niche. You help clients tell the story of their business and their employees. You build lasting connections with businesses and make money while you’re at it!

 PocketSuite can help you manage your clients and grow your corporate photography business.