Podcast: How Are Professional Photographers Getting in on the Real Estate Game?

< 1 min read • 1 May 2021

There are many different types of professional photographers in the market, but one specialty in particular is becoming quite popular: real estate photography. We share more about what’s involved with this type of work and why there is such a growing interest in this niche. Our guest Brandon Cooper is a real estate photographer who also runs photographyforrealestate.net, a blog that helps real estate photographers be successful. You will learn:

  • How does someone typically get into real estate photography?
  • How does the blog “Photography for Real Estate” help current and aspiring photographers in the industry?
  • What can someone make as a professional real estate photographer? What do top photographers make and how do they get to that level?
  • What appealing trends, techniques and services are driving people into the real estate photography business?
  • Advice for a professional photographer who is looking to expand into real estate