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Overview of Growing a Career as a Dreadlocks Stylist

If you have a love for hair and a passion for the cool, unique style that is dreadlocks, you may want to consider becoming a loctician. These professional hair stylists specialize in creating the hairstyle made famous by the rise of the 1960s Rastafari movement in Jamaica and made particularly famous by musician Bob Marley. A dreadlock professional or loctician is responsible for:

  • The guidance and preparation of a client’s hair to create dreadlocks
  • Using different techniques to create dreadlocks, based on the client’s hair type
  • Create ongoing relationships with clients to maintain the growth of a dreadlock into a fully established dreadlock
  • Administration duties
  • Scalp treatments

There are specific government mandated regulations to becoming a dreadlock professional, particularly regarding the services that you are able to provide. As such, it is important to conduct specific research into each element of the profession, and to find the best option for you and your future career.

Requirements for a Dreadlocks Professional

To become a loctician, you may be required to undertake specific training in the field in order to provide your professional service to a range of clients. Professionals may also be required to become certified in their state before they can legally practice their work with clients. Similarly, these requirements may differ based on whether a dreadlock professional is working with a salon or offering a private service. These requirements will vary from state to state and can be confusing to those new to the field. Many professionals find it beneficial to join industry-based community groups or associations to help guide you on the path towards the requirements of becoming a dreadlock professional.

How Much do Dreadlocks Professionals Earn?

The earnings for a dreadlocks professional, or loctician, can be extremely variable. The range in annual earnings for this type of profession can range anywhere from $28,000 up to $80,000. This massive range has a great deal to do with a loctician’s influence on social media, overall skills, clientele, location, type of business and more.

Growing Your Career as a Dreadlocks Professional

To become a successful dreadlock professional there are many steps that must be taken. Not only will a loctician be required to undertake training and certification, but they must also establish a name for themselves in a fast-growing market. Social networking is a must for those hoping to break into the beauty world. By creating an online presence, people may begin to notice your work and you will begin to stand out above your peers. This is an extremely useful tool in the modern business world. Online groups and associations are also extremely important for the metal health of individuals, a sense of community and to help upskill one another within the dreadlock profession.

Search through the resources below to begin a journey to your dream job.

Resources to help in starting or expanding your Dreadlocks Professional career: