Training & Certification

The specific training and certification to become a dreadlock professional varies between states across the country. Some states require locticians to undertake a full cosmetology course through a registered beauty school, while others do not require any formal education to become a practicing loctician. Some states require only hygiene and safety courses to be completed, and/or braiding units from a larger course. Regardless of the individual requirements of each state it is always a good idea for any professional to improve their skills in a competitive market. By completing a cosmetology course or other registered beauty course, or by taking online or face-to-face dreadlock courses, you will only help to increase your chances of becoming successful in the industry.

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Grateful Dreads

Grateful Dreads Overview Grateful Dreads offers a class in three parts, for licensed hair stylists only, who are interested in learning ...
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The Loc Den

The Loc Den Overview The Loc Den offers Loctician Training Courses from beginner and intermediate to advanced. Learning these techniques will ...
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Locks N Chops

Locks N Chops Overview The Locks ‘n Chops priority is providing superior customer service in the natural hair and beauty ...
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Loc Art Hair Studio

Loc Art Hair Studio Overview The Loc Science Course focuses on proper loc maintenance and is designed to help students learn ...
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Phyllis Allen Training Center

Phyllis Allen Training Center Overview Phyllis Allen Training Center offers comprehensive training for the hair care industry. Learn in a hands-on ...
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Dreadlock Extensions and More by Keisha

Dreadlock Extensions and More by Keisha Overview Dreadlock Extensions and More by Keisha offers Locs training classes, enabling students to begin ...
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Dreadlock Central

Dreadlock Central Overview This training program promises to give you "a massive jump start serving clients." The program includes hands-on training ...
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