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Certification for Doggy Daycare Pro

No degree or formal training is usually required to find a job as a doggy daycare attendant. However, most successful applicants have a solid background working with dogs professionally before they advance to the position of doggy daycare attendant. Many doggy daycare managers have a college degree in an animal-related field, such as biology or the animal sciences. These college degrees can involve an in-depth study of animal psychology, physiology, veterinary examinations, animal anatomy, and other useful topics. Some jobs that help prepare you for doggy daycare manager include dog groomer, trainer, walker, handler, breeder, and vet technician. Taking a job as a doggy daycare assistant and working your way to doggy daycare manager, is a common career path. To do this job well, doggy daycare attendants must enjoy working with dogs in addition to interacting positively with clients. The work of a doggie daycare attendant is learned mostly on the job. You will not be expected to perform any of your duties well without first going through a training period. You will learn by watching and interacting with other doggy daycare attendants. You will also learn by watching dogs in a variety of different situations. Some doggy daycare facilities offer a training program for a fee.