You’ll never guess which A-List celebrities went to cosmetology school

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If you’re looking for a sign to enroll in cosmetology school, here it is! Cosmetology school opens the door to a profiling career as a beautician. And even some of your favorite stars tried to get in on the rewards. 

We put together a list of celebrities that went to beauty school. Fair warning, some members of the list will shock you!

Celebrities that went to cosmetology school

These High-Profile Celebs Went To Beauty School

Celebs…they’re just like us! As a beautician, you know beauty school is no walk in the park. Can you believe some of your favorite stars walked in your shoes? 

Here are six celebrities that went to beauty school. 

#1 Danny Devito

Danny Devito is best known for his brash and hilarious roles in TV and film hits like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Matilda. His extensive acting career has earned him dozens of awards, including a Golden Globes and Critic’s Choice award (as well as a few Emmy nominations.) But, before he was a comedy legend, Devito worked as a hairstylist and beautician.

We know what you’re thinking: How did that happen? 

Danny Devito’s sister owned a beauty parlor. She offered to pay for him to go to beauty school and promised to give him a job at the parlor if he did.  Devito took her up on the offer and attended the Wilfred Academy. He eventually got his license and worked in his sister’s parlor for two years.

If that’s not shocking enough, Devito says working as a beautician led to his acting career. He wanted to take makeup lessons, and the only available makeup teacher worked at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He enrolled in the school to get private lessons, and that’s where he started acting.

#2 Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is best known for her portrayals in Hollywood hits like The Color Purple, Ghost, and Sister Act. Not to mention, she’s been a recurring host on The View since 2007. Her truly impressive career has made her one of only 18 EGOT winners in Hollywood history.  

It’s hard to picture Whoopi Goldberg as anything other than an acting legend. But, before she made a name for herself in Hollywood, Whoopi attended beauty school and was a licensed beautician. 

But unlike most beauty pros, Whoopi used her skills on “unconventional” clients. In an episode of Oprah’s Master Class, Whoopi shares that she once worked in a funeral home, doing makeup on dead people. The actress admits it was a rough gig but that she enjoyed giving the deceased a worthy send-off. 

#3 Serena Williams

Our next celeb needs no introduction (but we’ll give her one anyway!)  With 23 Grand Slam titles, Serena Williams is a tennis legend. She’s known for dedication and drive on and off the court. Still, it’s hard to believe one of the greatest tennis players of all time could fit beauty school into her tight schedule. 

Unlike her famous counterparts, Williams went to beauty school AFTER she hit the spotlight. In 2020, Williams shared that she loves getting her nails done so much that she decided to become a manicurist. (Who doesn’t love a side hustle?) The tennis pro enrolled in a 240-hour class at a school in Palm Beach to become a certified nail technician. We have no doubt she conquered cosmetology school with the same tenacity as the rest of her career. 

Thankfully, the tennis star documented her nail tech journey on Instagram! 

#4 Fran Drescher 

Before she was everyone’s favorite fashionista in The Nanny, Fran Drescher was a real-life beautician. According to Vogue, she was enrolled in cosmetology school while trying to make it as an actor. 

She wanted to become a hairdresser. Drescher even had the opportunity to cut Dennis Quaid’s hair before she became famous. We have no doubt her career helped her get into character for the 1997 film, The Beautician and The Beast. 

Celebrities that went to cosmetology school

Today, you can find Fran Drescher taking on Broadway and the 2023 actor’s strike as SAG-AFTRA’s president. 

#5 John Corbett

Before he was stealing hearts in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, John Corbett was a licensed hairstylist. This one is less surprising because John Corbett has rocked some legendary hairstyles over the years. 

According to a 2006 interview for his hometown newspaper, Corbett studied hairdressing in cosmetology school for a year while studying theater at night. After beauty school, Corbett regularly worked in hair salons before he was discovered by Universal Studios for a Jack In The Box commercial.

These days, John Corbett can be found playing the “cool dad” in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Good news: his hair still looks amazing! 

#6 Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes is best known for her years as a child star on Nickelodeon hits like The Amanda Show and All That. As she got older, she became an early 2000’s rom-com “it girl,” starring in films like She’s the Man, What a Girl Wants, and Easy A

After years of stardom, Amanda Bynes has taken a step back from the spotlight.  But she’s keeping her hands busy! In 2022, Bynes shared that she enrolled in cosmetology school to become a manicurist. As of October 2022, she had already completed 100 of the mandatory 400 hours to receive her cosmetology license. We wish her the best of luck!

Bonus: Kim Kardashian 

From reality star to billionaire entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian is all but a household name. Years before taking on law school, Kim took makeup lessons at the famous Joe Blasco Inc as a gift from her father. Though she never enrolled in beauty school full-time or became a professional makeup artist, Kim now owns a multi-million-dollar makeup brand. So, all’s well that ends well! 

Celebrities that went to cosmetology school

The Bottom Line

If these celebs can take on beauty school and live to tell the tale, so can you! Cosmetology school sets you on the path to becoming a licensed beauty professional. You’ll be able to start your own business, manage clients and earn more money. 

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