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From viral posts to targeted paid ads, Facebook is a gold mine for small business owners. Some professionals overlook one of the platform’s best tools for business growth: Facebook groups. Facebook groups are the perfect place to connect with other estheticians, learn from your peers, and attract new clients. 

The only problem is that there are literally hundreds of Facebook groups to choose from. So, how do you know which ones are worth hitting “join”? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

We put together a list of the top Facebook groups for estheticians to connect, share, and grow their businesses.

esthetician facebook groups

What are the best Facebook groups for estheticians?

Whether you join a Facebook group or start your own, they’re a great tool to build connections and attract clients. Here are some of the best Facebook groups to join as an esthetician.

#1 Word of Waxologists

World of Waxologists is a dedicated Facebook group for waxing professionals. You can join this inclusive space for informative, unbiased answers to your burning questions (well, hopefully not too burning). It’s a judgment-free zone! Only licensed professionals or people in the process of earning their license are allowed to join this group. The group does allow limited self-promotion (yay!) but be sure to read and abide by their rules.

Members: 32k+
Active since: 2020

#2 The Waxing Mentors

If you’re an esthetician who loves to share your waxing knowledge, learn from experts, and network with other professionals, this is the group for you! You’ll have the opportunity to meet and mentor new estheticians or professionals in need of help. It’s also great if you’re an aspiring esthetician looking to grow in your field. Currently, the group does not allow marketing or self-promotion, so make sure to abide by their rules or miss out on invaluable knowledge!

The Waxing Mentors were created by Deborah Merhar, owner of Relax & Wax. Relax and Wax offers quality pre and post-wax treatment products. 

Members: 37k+
Active since: 2014

#3 Esthetician Besties

If you’re an esthetician looking for secrets to succeed in the industry, we have the perfect Facebook group for you: Esthetician besties! It’s a good option whether you are a new esthetician, seasoned pro, or aspiring beauty business owner. Just bring your passion. The group offers education, product trends and recommendations, a support system, and global networking opportunities.

The group was started by Michelle Rukny.

Members: 45k
Active since: 2021

#4 World of Waxing

World of Waxing is a group for certified wax lovers. If you are an esthetician, join this space to share your waxing knowledge, network with other wax specialists, and learn from professionals in your industry. Just note that the group does not allow marketing.

World of Waxing was started by Starpil Wax USA, a leading supplier me of wax and hair removal products.

Members: 4k+
Active since: 2017

esthetician facebook groups

#5 Support group for waxing professionals

Are you a wax specialist looking for education, support, and success? Join the support group for waxing professionals! You’re sure to find some valuable information to help your waxing journey!

This support group was created by Marta Zacowska. She is a business coach for beauty entrepreneurs looking to build confidence in waxing and running a business.

Active since: 2020

#6 Estheticians Connect

Estheticians Connect is a great Facebook group to grow as an esthetician, both professionally and personally. It’s a diverse group committed to evolution, so come curious and ready to learn!

Members: 11k+
Active since: 2014

#7 PocketSuite Community

The PocketSuite Community is a Facebook group for anyone with clients. Talk with other hair stylists using PocketSuite to grow their business. Ask for tips to set up your booking site and take advantage of other features. You’ll participate in polls and group discussions to learn how to use PocketSuite to earn more money. Sign up for PocketSuite to join this flourishing community.

Members: 2k+
Active since: 2016

esthetician facebook groups

Join Today!

Facebook groups are the perfect space for estheticians to learn and grow in their industry. Whether you’re a new esthetician, or a seasoned pro, a Facebook group can help you on your journey. Remember to sign up for Pocketsuite to join our exclusive community for business owners. We’re an all-in-one app for estheticians.