Awaken Pilates

• 23 June 2021

Awaken Pilates Overview

Stir Pilates is a host site for Balanced Body, offering a far reaching Pilates Teacher Training Program in Minneapolis. Module training on weekends covers tangle, reformer, cadillac/trap table, barrels, seat and life structures. Offset Body is adaptable to your schedule.

The proprietor of Awaken Pilates, Karin Twigg, is on Balanced Body’s staff and is the lead instructor for the Balanced Body training program at Awaken. THe program is authorized as a private career school with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. Already a traqiner? Look at Balanced Body’s extension program on the website linked below for more accreditations. 

Training Programs at Awaken Pilates

  • Pilates Teacher Training Program
  • Price Range: Contact Awaken Pilates for costs.

Resources for Awaken Pilates

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