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Are you considering Acuity for your dog training business? Read this first. 

Acuity Scheduling is a go-to booking app for dog trainers and other pet professionals. But there are a few reasons Acuity may not be the best fit for your business.

In this article, we dive into some common problems with Acuity and compare the app to PocketSuite.

Acuity Scheduling vs. PocketSuite

What is Acuity Scheduling?

Acuity Scheduling is a booking app that allows businesses to manage their clients and appointments. The company was acquired by Squarespace in 2019. (You might remember when it was called “Squarespace Scheduling,” but they’ve since changed the name back.)

Acuity Scheduling is used by a variety of service-based businesses, including dog trainers, dog walkers, and other pet professionals. The app promises end-to-end business management for its customers. But does it live up to that promise?

Is Acuity Scheduling a good booking app for dog trainers?

Acuity has the standard features to book clients. And many dog trainers choose it to run their business. However, there’s always room for improvement.

Here are six reasons Acuity Scheduling may not be the best app for your dog training business and how PocketSuite fills those gaps.

#1 No Built-In Payment Processor

These days dog trainers can expect their business software to work double duty by scheduling clients and accepting payments. 

Unfortunately, Acuity makes accepting payments more complicated than other booking apps because it doesn’t offer a built-in payment processor. Instead, users must connect their own payment processors, like Stripe or Square, to accept online payment with Acuity. This can be confusing for users who aren’t tech savvy and may come with additional fees. 

Also, Acuity doesn’t offer an automatic tax calculator. You’ll have to include tax in the cost of your services, which is a confusing extra step that may turn off your clients.

With PocketSuite, you only need one app to schedule appointments and accept payments. You can accept credit card payments online and in person. And we automatically calculate the tax for your services based on your business location. Plus, you can set up a cancellation policy and fee, so your clients are automatically charged if they miss your deadline.

#2 Limited Scheduling

Simple and easy scheduling should be the status quo for any booking app. While Acuity Scheduling does provide standard tools for scheduling client appointments, their booking workflow could use some work.

According to user reviews, appointment calendars can be difficult to navigate and update. Plus, you won’t be able to offer packages, subscriptions, or gift certificates to clients as an Emerging plan member. To fill your calendar as a dog trainer, you know that bundling your services is essential. So, if you go with Acuity, you must pay at least $34 per month to get the scheduling tools you need.

PocketSuite makes it easy to update your calendar and availability. Plus, you can add buffers and lead times to give you and your team a break between appointments. All PocketSuite users can create packages and subscriptions. So, you make more money and get booked solid faster!

#3 Poor Customer Service

It’s not always smooth sailing when you use a booking app to run your dog training business. Crashes and glitches happen. And you’ll need superior customer support to help you troubleshoot. 

Unfortunately, Acuity’s customer service leaves a lot to be desired. First off,  Acuity doesn’t offer phone or video support. That means you (and your clients) have to wait days for a team member to respond to your emails. According to reviews, some users feel that Acuity’s customer service took a hit when the platform was acquired by SquareSpace.  This may be why the app has a relatively low 2.9 rating on Trustpilot. 

Acuity Scheduling vs. PocketSuite

At PocketSuite, customer service is our top priority. You can message our support team directly in the app. Or, book one of our customer support calls for your in-depth questions.

#4 Short Free Trial

Of course, you need some time to adjust when switching to a new booking platform. Acuity’s free trial only lasts seven days before you have to commit to an annual or monthly plan. One week is nowhere near long enough to decide if the app is the best fit for your business. 

In fact, most of that time will be spent setting up your services, integrating a payment processor, and introducing the new app to your clients. You’ll barely have time to dig into the features before making your first subscription payment. 

That’s why PocketSuite offers a 30-day free trial with access to our full list of features.

#5 No Online Store

The dog training industry is competitive. So, dog trainers try to give clients everything they need. That’s why dog trainers are expanding their business offers and boosting their revenue by selling products to clients. Acuity doesn’t currently offer an e-commerce solution. So you’ll need another app to add products to your booking site. 

With PocketSuite, you can set up an online store at no extra charge. Your clients can order items online and have them shipped to them or picked up in person. Plus, you can attach product upsells to your services, like dog biscuits with a puppy training class.  

Acuity Scheduling vs. PocketSuite

The Bottom Line

Acuity Scheduling is a standard booking app for dog trainers and pet professionals. But, it may not be fit for your dog training business. Without a built-in payment process, in-app client messaging, or e-commerce, you may have to get other apps to fill in the gaps.

PocketSuite is an all-in-one app to run your dog training business. You can schedule clients, accept payments and sell products straight from your phone. We’re the only tool you need to grow your dog training business.