POS Reader Warranty

We provide a one year limited warranty against defective materials and faulty workmanship in a PocketSuite Terminal Product. The warranty period starts on the date of your original purchase of the PocketSuite Terminal Products from PocketSuite, and ends one year after that date. If you submit a claim during this warranty period that is within the scope of the limited warranty, and you follow our instructions for returning the PocketSuite Terminal Product, we will at our option, to the extent permitted by Law, either repair the PocketSuite Terminal Product, replace the PocketSuite Terminal Product, or refund to you all or part of the purchase price of the PocketSuite Terminal Product. This limited warranty applies only to unaltered hardware components of the PocketSuite Terminal Products that are used in accordance with these Terms and not subject to accident, misuse, or neglect. This limited warranty gives you specific rights and is personal to you. You may not transfer this warranty to any other person. You may have additional rights under applicable Law, and this limited warranty does not affect such rights. To make a warranty claim, text us in support. We will provide you with information about how to return your PocketSuite Terminal Products and obtain a replacement PocketSuite Terminal Product.