Charge Cards from your phone.

Available on iOS and Android

Accept Payments Fast From Anywhere

Charge clients for any service or product at anytime. You can swipe cards or insert chip into a POS card reader. If you don’t want any hardware, you can just scan client credit card or type the card number directly into the app from your phone.

Benefits of Charging Cards with PocketSuite

Works for any PocketSuite Account

Simply charge clients cards with or without a card reader right away with your PocketSuite account.

Built-in fraud detection

Bank level security from our fraud detection system comes as a standard feature.

No monthly fees

There are no monthly fees for accepting credit cards. You can use a card reader, camera scanner or type cards in manually without any hidden costs.

No monthly minimum

Business activity may change throughout the year. Process as much or as little as you want. There are no minimum fees.

No setup fees

Setup a free PocketSuite account within minutes and you can start charging right way. Existing user? Then you already have access to everything and you are ready to go.

Instant Payouts with PocketSuite

Automatic deposits means funds are deposited into your account within minutes. No balance to monitor like PayPal.

Free analytics

Powerful reporting that helps you see a dashboard of your income, clients, and other information.

Hardware is Optional

You can choose to manually enter card numbers or scan them with your phone’s camera.

Faster Checkout with Card Reader

Want an even faster checkout for clients? You can speed it up by swiping, inserting chip, or tapping card in a POS card reader to collect payment.

Scan cards with your phone’s camera

Don’t like typing or additional hardware? Use your camera to live scan credit card numbers right from the card.

PCI compliant

Not only do we not store any payment information, our card readers can’t be read or decrypted by us or anyone else.

Email receipts

Receipts can be sent auto-magically by text or email.

PocketSuite is a trusted payment platform that partners with globally respected organizations.


When will I receive my money?

All payments are deposited into your bank account within 24 hours. If you use Instant Payouts feature, you will receive your funds within 15 minutes. Learn more about Instant Payouts here!

Do you have a card reader?

Yes PocketSuite currently offers the BBPOS Chipper 2X BT, which is a Bluetooth, PCI compliant reader that is pre-certified with Stripe. Interested in the card reader? Order directly thru the app by going to Settings > Card Readers and place your order.

Are there any monthly fees or limits?

Absolutely not. You’re welcome to charge as much as you’d like whenever you like. We understand that your payment activity may change from month to month, which is why we do not charge monthly minimums.

Do I need the card reader?

No you do not. You can use the in app card scanner with your built-in, mobile phone camera or simply enter the card details manually.

Is the app only for US Customers?

PocketSuite currently only supports businesses within the US. However, your clients can pay you from anywhere as long as their credit cards have the Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Discover card logos. We also accept Apple Pay.

Is the card reader free with my PocketSuite account?

Card reader can be ordered for $49 plus shipping.

Is there a warranty on the card reader?

Absolutely! We provide a one year warranty on all card readers! Find out more here.

Which credit cards work with the card reader?

You can use any major credit card, including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover and any US issued debit card. We also accept HSA and FSA approved payment methods.

Additional Questions? Please Reach out!

You can reach out to PocketSuite support by texting us at (415) 841-2300, in app to support or email us at


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