PocketSuite gives you the ability to easily create, save and post Classes packages online to sell to your clients. With the ability to set a number of sessions, override the price of the service with a new package price & enter a lively description to entice someone to commit to the purchase online, many of our Pros see a lot of business going through their package. This saves them time and increases income.

Step by Step Video Tutorial

PocketSuite’s Package Feature is simple to setup and use right away!

  1. Create a New Package
  2. Fill out the information such as name, price, # of sessions and what service is applied.
  3. You have the ability to set an expiration on your packages to entice clients a limited time window to use their services they’ve purchased.
  4. Optional to be shown online through your booking widget or if you’d like the offer to be exclusive to when you are talking 1-on-1 with clients.
  5. If you require a contract or form to be filled, completed and signed you can do so also!