Get a number

Your business is local – your business number should reflect that.

Select the area code of your choice! PocketSuite will issue you a fresh number that is unique only to you in the area code of your choosing.

You’re running a professional business, so separating business (with your new business line!) from personal will go a long way to promote professionalism to current and future clients.

Upgrade to PocketSuite Premium to get a dedicated business line


It’s just like regular text.

Each message you send from PocketSuite Messenger will be delivered just like regular text message to your client’s phone…showing up as from your business number.

Clients can send texts to that number, share photos and more – just like a normal text message. All messages are delivered right into your PocketSuite feed.


Protect your personal number at all times.

Automatic call forwarding ensures that anyone calling your new business line will be connected directly to you. See on caller ID if it’s a client calling your business line or a friend calling your personal number.

Outgoing calls also supported! Call any client you have saved in PocketSuite Messenger, and on their phone your business line appears on caller ID.

Keep all call records saved in each client message thread.