PocketSuite is your Business messenger.

Direct customer messaging with scheduling + payments rolled into one easy-to-use app for your business.


Your clients just text - no app needed!

"Call or text" - Separate business conversations from personal

Dedicated business line

Get issued a dedicated business number in the area code of your choosing.

Clients can send you messages, photos and more (just like regular text) -- all delivered to your PocketSuite app.

Personal # protected

All calls to your business line are forwarded directly to your cellphone. Know who's calling your business line with smart caller ID.

Outbound calling support - shield your personal # when you are calling clients.

Chats organized

All client conversations organized & searchable inside PocketSuite.

Keep detailed history of all messages, call logs, notes & more.


Scheduled messaging
Schedule direct messages, follow-ups & even group announcements to be sent at certain date/times in the future.

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Group messaging
Create & edit customer groups and send broadcasts, all while on the go.

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1-touch messaging campaigns
Create shortcut messages & saved message templates to make responses & text campaigns a 1-touch process.

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Calendar scheduling
Add client appointments directly to your PocketSuite calendar. Automate appointment reminders & add online booking.

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Mobile invoicing
Send professional invoices to any customer directly from your phone - let clients pay online in seconds.

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Same-day payouts
Get paid quickly (with same-day payouts) & save on fees (flat 2.5% processing rate on all payments).

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Messaging as a team

Invite admin, contractors or employees to your PocketSuite team.

Message staff directly or in groups about clients or upcoming jobs.

Even schedule team members with clients, and send direct payments for work completed.


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