"I can reach all my clients at once...and even have them interact with each other."

- Jon T., Personal Trainer, CALIFORNIA


Send 'broadcasts' to customer lists

Shoot off text campaigns to customers. Just like an email marketing, but over text message. 

Great for company announcements, running discounts or specials, wishing clients a happy holidays, and more.

All client text replies are sent directly to you with not other client contact information visible.

Name, create & save groups

Create special groups for you & select clients to interact & message together as a group.

Let clients message each other (and you), all within the confines of a secure group. Clients can simply simply PocketSuite Messenger to engage & reply to groups.

Quicker access to classes

Have classes on your PocketSuite Calendar? Instantly message all classes participants at the tap of a button.

No need to create ad hoc groups -- take advantage of class messaging with any class you have scheduled on your calendar.