Basic Online Training for Aerial/Drone Schools and Certification

If you are a photographer wondering how to start your career as an aerial/drone photography, perhaps industry-specific training could be the right stepping stone. As a freelance photographer, there are countless opportunities for training, it all depends on what you are comfortable with, and how you want to begin.

To start off with in your journey as an aerial photographer, there are many online tutorials that you can access for free or at minimal cost. These range from YouTube clips, to free basic photography courses. If this is your chosen path, remember that practice makes perfect. For those just starting out, it is always best to practice your skills, so why not find a unique landscape (after consulting legal requirements) to test out your equipment, or ask your friends and family if you can photograph their homes. This way, you get a lot of practice in shooting different landscapes. Not only will this give you plenty of real-life experience, it will also help you build up your portfolio.

Professional Aerial/Drone Photography Training

If you are more interested in applying to gain professional photography certifications, check the requirement in your state. Depending on your circumstances, you could enroll in a university or college course, or workshops offered by industry professionals. These courses will give you hands-on experience, with feedback from a professional to ensure you are on the right track.

Browse aerial/drone schools and certification:

3rd Rock Air

3rd Rock Air Overview At this Florida Drone Training School, their mission is to provide comprehensive training to governments, corporations and ...
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Southern Connecticut State University

Southern Connecticut State University Overview In this six-hour class, participants will review camera controls and settings on a UAS and learn ...
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Mike’s Camera

Mike's Camera Overview Learn to navigate the DJI Go app and gain the confidence to make your flying and phpotography experience ...
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Gavilan College

Gavilan College Overview This course is designed to teach skills in aerial photography and cinematography with drones, including cinematic techniques during ...
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Drone Universities

Drone Universities Overview This one-day, 8-hour course advanced course costs $1,000. Courses are taught 7 days a week. To secure your ...
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Extreme Aerial Productions

Extreme Aerial Productions Overview All courses are taught by manned-aircraft flight instructors, full-time remote drone pilots and professional instructors with hundreds ...
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DJI Aerial Photo Academy

DJI Aerial Photo Academy Overview Learn drone photography with proven photography techniques, with the goal of earning money with your drone ...
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DARTdrones Flight School

DARTdrones Flight School Overview Drones are fantastic tools for capturing impressive aerial imagery. But you need more than just a capable ...
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AZ Drone

AZ Drone Overview offers a variety of drone classes for new pilots. If you're looking to expand your knowledge about ...
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