Drone Photographer Networking Groups

• 23 June 2021

Join the Community of Aerial/Drone Photographers

Similar to associations, there are many aerial/drone photography groups are available to provide industry-relevant support to photographers and videographers. These groups allow photographers to share experiences and insights with like-minded colleagues in what often becomes an all-inclusive community. These groups often meet either online or in real life, and sometimes both, depending on location and the type of group. Websites such as Meetup allow you to search for industry-specific meetups in your local area, allowing aerial photographers to come together in one place. By finding a local aerial group, it will become even easier for you to understand the rules and regulations for aerial photography in your area. There are numerous groups on social media such as Facebook and Instagram that you can search and join for a similar experience, each of which can be extremely beneficial for growing your skills.

Check out these Facebook Groups for Aerial/Drone Photographers:

DJI Drone Photography

Official DJI Drone Videography/Photography

Aerial Photography & Drones.

Drones & Real Estate Photography

Iloilo Drones (Aerial Filming, Photography and Drone Racing)

DJI Drone Videography

DJI / Photography Drone Community | Aerial Guide

Real Estate Aerial Photography and Videography

Drone Aerial photography

Australian Drone Community Photography

Drone & Aerial Photography

Personal DRONES For Sale and Swop

Brisbane Aerial drone photography & videography

International Drone Photography and Videography Group

Photography Group + Aerial

Sky Cam – Aerial Photography and Videography.

Aerial Photography For Real Estate

UAV Drone Aerial Photography

Drone Community

Joe’s Aerial photography

Aerial Photography Network

Jersey Drones & Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography Group

Drone Photogrammetry

Railfan Drone Videography and Photography

DJI MAVIC Series / Drone Owners Network

Photography, Drones & Banter

Archaeological Aerial Photography

Kite Aerial Photography

Aerial Cinematography and Photography

Photography Videography – International Photographers & Cinematographers

DJI Drone AeroNetwork

Real Estate Photography

SJRC Drones Group – F11, Z5, S70W, S20W etc

Drone Pilots

Real Estate Drones

Drones Building Drones

Toy Grade Drones


Newbies To Drones

Drone View – Amazing Drone Photos & Videos

Drone Photos / Videos

NZ Drone Photography

Xiaomi MI Drone and FIMI X8 owners

DJI Drone Pilots

Drone Photography UK

Drone Life

Creating a common language for Aerial artists

Drone Photography

Time-Lapse Photography

Drones Kenya Drone Group

OHIO Drone Club

DJI Drones UK Buy Sell Trade

Timelapse / Hyperlapse / Drone-Lapse Photography

Drone Repairing Center INDIA

ARIZONA Drone Club

Drones Australia

New Zealand Drone Photography

FLORIDA Drone Club

Orlando Drone Club

DJI & Drone Operators WA


North East Drone UK

Photography 3:11

Vintage Lens for Portraiture Photography

Alabama Photography

INDIANA Drone Club

Houston Drones


FOTOLEX – Photography | Videography


PTGui – Aerial Photography

Trinidad and Tobago Drone Network TTDRONE


Natural Light Portrait Photography

PHOTOGRAPHY: Show us your gear

Isle Of Wight Drone Footage

Creative Aviation Photography

DJI Drones of TEXAS

Drone Flyers UK

GEORGIA Drone Club

MyDji – Dji Drone Modification, Unlocking and More


Central Coast Drone Flyers

DJI Drones New Zealand Users’ Group

Drone Flyers, Ireland


Minimalist Photography

Hunter Valley – Foto Friends + Drone Tips

Mobiography – For Better Smartphone Photography

UK Asian Weddings Photographers, Videographers, Crane & Drone Operators

Perth Drone Flyers