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Evolving Sisters

Kenlyn Kolleen
I recommend PocketSuite to all of my U.S. clients who are starting businesses.
Kenlyn Kolleen

I think I’ve been with you almost from the beginning. My favorite thing about PocketSuite is that you do the three-in-one…I love agreements and the payment processing, and the calendar, that’s my three-in-one that are absolutely essential to my business.

Kenlyn Kolleen
Kenlyn Kolleen
PocketSuite Life Coach Pro

The interview

Life Coach Pro Kenlyn Kolleen is Founder of Evolving Sisters in California. Her experience as a former attorney and fundraiser make her a great asset to our PocketSuite Pro community. Kenlyn talks to CEO, Chinwe Onyeagoro, about her spiritual pilgrimage to India and meeting the Dalai Lama.

We’re talking to Kenlyn Kolleen from Evolving Sisters today. She’s a life coach. She focuses on women, spirituality, business coaching, and empowerment. So think about that. Kenlyn has been in the PocketSuite community since late 2017. She’s got lots of goodness to share. I know you all are excited! Kenlyn, tell us about Evolving Sisters. How did you come up with that name and what is the full practice?

Evolving Sisters really came out of my desire to not just be a solopreneur, but to do something that will ignite and inspire other women. I’m constantly thinking of ways to take the women who have been through my training programs and turn them into coaches themselves so that, as my program expands, they’re evolving and they get to be the ones coaching and facilitating as well.

How did you become a business coach? I feel like everywhere I turn now, people are telling me that they’re working with a coach. That just was not the case even five years ago. So something has shifted in the atmosphere. I don’t know what it is. I’d love to hear more from you about what’s happening there.

That’s a really good observation. I feel like people who want to go fast and far need to have support at a pretty high level because if we’re left to our own devices, we constantly recreate what we know. If we want to go further than what we know, then we need another consciousness in the room that pushes us to go to places we wouldn’t otherwise go. It’s a comfort zone thing.

Is it partially about pace? Like, “I need to be consistent”? Is it about direction, “I know where I want to go, but I’m not sure the path to get there”? Or a bit of both?

It’s probably both. I think the thing that I found to be the game changer is that a coach holds a space and a frequency that you get to live into. You don’t quite live into it yet. You know you’re capable of it, but the coach holds that frequency, holds you higher, and then you rise into it. I’ve made more money being coached than I have ever made. It’s not because I don’t know the skills. I teach other people the skills. It’s that I will relax into my comfort zone and I will forget what’s possible because we’re seeing ourselves from inside out. They’re seeing us on the outside, our impact, who we are, and oftentimes, self-image doesn’t match how other people see us.

Interesting. Tell us how you found your path here.

Yeah. Like all paths, they twist and they turn. I used to be a lawyer before this. I actually really loved being a lawyer. I was a fundraiser before that. I raised money for women’s causes, hospitals, art institutions, women, animals, and then I went to law school and I had a blast. I loved it. I just didn’t like practicing law because I didn’t want anyone owning my time. That’s the thing…the firm owns you. They think they own you. That’s how it was in the late 1990s and early 2000s. That was also the time I was going on a spiritual pilgrimage to India. I met the Dalai Lama and then that opened up, well, it opened up everything and I ended up going on a spiritual journey that took me like 10 years of lots of crying and lots of breakdown, and just shedding the old self.

Were you still doing fundraising or law while you were on that spiritual journey or did you step out of all of that to go on the journey?

I pretty much stepped out of it. I was consulting. I mean, one of the things that you can do in a breakdown is you can consult with what you knew before. I wasn’t really owning my seat as a consultant. That came later as I stepped into coaching as a real thing. I wrote my book when I turned 50. It’s called The Art of Turning 50 and that just launched me into coaching. It launched me into standing for the empowerment of women. Of course, we’re at this time in history where the feminine is rising. I just completed a 19-interview summit. It’ll launch tomorrow, called The Divine Feminine Summit ( You can register. It’s totally free. It’s really a curated conversation with women spiritual leaders and teachers about the current and the future of the feminine rising. It’s epic. I learned so much. In each interview, we activate you in an archetype of the divine feminine. So, on one end, warrior goddess. On another end, sacred courtesan.

Wow, I love it!


I can’t wait to see it. I’m glad there is a diversity of archetypes. Femininity shows up in so many ways. That relates to a question that I have for you. When I initially started to unpack some of the work that you do, I struggled a bit. I had this concept of spirituality in my head and then I had this concept of business. Spirituality for me is peace, it’s calm, it’s equilibrium, and it’s being present. When I think about business, I think forward, I think funnels, I think about pitching and selling. How do you help people hold those two very different states of being in one space?

Oh goodness, that’s such a great question. Yeah, I feel like business is a spiritual path. I say that to the women who are building their businesses, because it’s freaking hard. It’s hard when we confront ourselves and who we think we are. There’s this vision of who we want to be and we want to serve. I believe that if you’re listening to this, probably you too. Women have this desire to co-create a brand new earth, a new way of being. To be that person who can be the channel for that information to come through, you have to have a different self image. You have got to be willing to be seen. So many lightworkers are not willing to be seen because of ancestral wounds of being killed for being seen and for having gifts. So, it is a spiritual path to take it on and say yes and be uncomfortable. To me, my spirituality isn’t oftentimes about peace. I hold that there’s a moment on the paddleboard on the water where you can experience it for a moment and then you get triggered. So, spirituality is about breaking down so that you can break through.

Do you coach a range of business people or only folks who are interested in coaching others? If I’m in investment banking, could you coach me, or is it for folks who are pursuing the coaching path?

Well, I do several things. The women who come to me who don’t want to build a business, either are already in it or maybe retired, we work on sovereignty and empowerment issues. Because it’s time for the feminine to really own her seat. There’s a lot of people spiritually awakening right now and they’re just coming home to who and what they really are. And they need a coach. They need a guide. It’s messy business. Then there are others who have already been through that enough, where they’re ready to serve. That doesn’t mean that they’re serving someone who’s at their level, they may be serving someone who just is starting out on the journey that they were on. So, that’s a whole different group, and I have a whole different group for those women. I do the Divine Feminine Inner Circle, which is an empowerment group for women. Then we do those who wanted to coach in business and learn how to be a coach. That’s a whole separate mastermind group.

This must be a very generative time for you given what we’ve all been through over the last year. I’m sure your people are texting you off the hook. I think we’re all doing a lot of inner work voluntarily or involuntarily. Are you seeing a lot of people who might not otherwise have reached out to you, folks who are at an inflection point?

Oh yeah, no doubt. No doubt that 2020 was so important for all of us on the level of consciousness. It’s been a massive reboot. It’s wobbly right now. Our consciousness is unstable. It’s the way of it. We are looking at a future that we have never seen before. On all levels. I mean, technologically, it has been like we’ve been eating baby food. The next advances will be really huge. This will happen in the technological arena and in our consciousness. So yes, we’re seeing people wake up. I’m seeing my mom interested in these conversations. How many mothers are actually reading books and then they’re telling you, “Oh, guess what?” And you’re like, “Yeah, I told you that like 10 years ago but …”? It’s like they’re coming along. They’re discovering a totale. They’re watching Super Soul Sunday and Oprah. Whatever it is and whatever it takes. Our job as leaders is to bring them into the fold and really elevate as quickly as possible because there’s so much. Here’s the thing about spirituality. When you talk about that piece being a business woman, you get to find that on the inside, and it’s yoga. Yoga means union with. It’s a constant interplay of who I’m being in the world and what I’m creating in the world. But we’re going to get a chance to experience our super powers in a way that we have never experienced ourselves as humans before, ever. That’s so exciting and the way that that happens is if enough of us are at a frequency level that creates. Think about the goddess. She just keeps creating and unfolding herself. There’s no end game to it.

Yeah, my older brother was into exploring inner work and deep, deep thinking. He always talked about this concept of collective consciousness. So as we all emerge, that’s what pushes us forward as humanity. Right? When enough of us say, “This is where we need to be. This is the new norm.” That’s what pushes us forward. I love that you use the term superpowers. Can you share with us, I’m sure you have endless numbers of these, but can you share with us one transformation story that really touched you?

Certainly, witnessing clients as they start to work with me and then who they’re becoming as they end. Most of my terms are six months, but a couple of clients have been with me for three years. Just witnessing the level of growth that happens in the spaces in between. Growth is not from your brain. It’s from your mind, from what you think you know. It’s in the conversation, in these spaces in between, and in such a deep place of our heart. So witnessing clients that had really codependent relationships come out of them. I have a client who’s 32 just owning her power and now she’s becoming a coach and a teacher. Really, the blossoming of her gifts are coming online and that makes me so happy. Some of my clients make their money back from coaching in the first 30 days because they’re ready and they just need that focus and direction.

I’m shocked that six months is a typical term for you because this seems like a lifelong journey. Given the areas of work that you do with folks, it’s like, “We’re going to be together forever.” How do you get folks ready in six months? There seems to be so much work that needs to be done.

It’s not going to be only through one person. Here’s the thing. I work with women leaders. In my summit, for example, I have 19 women leaders that I’m working with. Often, a lot of my clients work with several of them. People who are hungry and on the spiritual path, do multiple things. I think that a 12-month program is probably going to be my future, but I don’t go less than six because I know that right around three months, we’re just getting started. The mind likes to shorten everything, but it’s like giving it the space. Even the Dalai Lama says, “You all want to be enlightened so fast.”

That’s exactly the point. Right?

The truth is that consciousness is exponential right now. So it is going really fast and we can get a lot done in six months and we can get a lot done in 12 months. It’s just to stay the course. If that speaks to you or anyone else, it’s just a matter of staying the course.

If I think about people listening to this, I think everyone has people in their lives who they coach and they mentor and who look to them for inspiration whether they feel inspired or not. I think when people think about, “Wow, building a business out of this? Who would hire me as a client? Who would seek me out and pay me to do this?” I noticed in your practice that you actually help people build communities. Can you speak a little bit about that?

Yeah, that’s really great. I feel like everyone starting has that thought, like, “Who am I?” That’s sort of one of the great lies of the old era that’s getting broken down. Because, if you notice, there are people behind you, always. There’s people in front of you, always. Longer on their spiritual path, more advanced in their maturity. So what we get to do is work with where we are and discover. You’ve heard this if you’re a coach or in this business. You’ve heard of the term of your ideal client avatar. We work so deeply with your avatar because once you know who it is you’re helping and who it is you’re passionate about serving, then that voice in your head about, “Who am I?”, goes away. Because you realize, “Oh yeah, I could have totally used a coach when I was at that part of my journey, at that age. Oh my God. It would have made everything so much more simple. Instead, I took 20 years to figure it out myself.” Frankly, we don’t have time for that. We can implode the planet in that kind of time. So we don’t have time for that. We got everybody to get like, “Okay, get activated and do what you can do.” Then I think it brings tremendous joy. I hear back from my clients and I know for myself that it makes a lot of that pain and suffering that we went through really worthwhile so that we can pay it forward.

I totally got the concept of coaching right from the beginning. It might have something to do with my last name. It’s Onyeagoro. In Igbo, it means “Who will be my witness?” I see a coach as a witness. They’re a witness to your life, to your successes, to your challenges. They’re also someone who kind of helps you think through how to persevere. So I totally get it. I’d love for you to share for people who aren’t aware of PocketSuite what PocketSuite has meant to you, your business, and your journey.

Oh, I’d love to. Yeah, I recommend PocketSuite to all of my U.S. clients who are starting businesses. I think I’ve been with you almost from the beginning. My favorite thing about PocketSuite is that you do the three-in-one. Because I have a law background, but it’s more than that really. I love agreements and the payment processing, and the calendar, that’s my three-in-one that are absolutely essential to my business. The agreements, not so much so that I can enforce them in court because I wasn’t a court lawyer, I was a contracts lawyer. What I love about it is that when I onboard a client everything happens on that call. So because of the technology, I just shoot them over the agreement and I actually go through it with them point by point by point. I ask questions so that it’s not a scary thing, but we have a meeting of the minds. PocketSuite’s technology allows them to go through it as I’m going through it on the phone or Zoom with them. Then they sign it with their finger. So it is done. Then I take payment and I schedule their first call all in the same call. I have no leaky boundaries. I have a container and the person feels my leadership. They feel held inside that container. The technology is what enables that to happen. If I didn’t have that it would be like sending it through email and then trying to follow up for weeks, “Did you get that thing signed? Did you get that thing signed?” That’s just, it’s not where the coaching needs to be. The coaching needs to be on the person and what they’re wanting to cause and create for themselves. So technology has just been a game changer. So thank you.

Well, thank you. I love the fact that you add that human element to it. So it’s not, “I’m going to send it over and leave you with it. I’m going to send it over and I’m going to explain and help you understand so we can move to that next step.” Kenlyn, you’re an inspiration. Thank you so much for everything you do in the PocketSuite community and everything you do for your broader community.

Oh, thank you so much. It’s been great. Blessings to you all.

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