The Lounge Q+A: Briauna Cousino, Esthetician

Owner, Snatched Brows

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It’s been an amazing platform for me.
Briauna Cousino

I started using Pocket Suite last year, this time, actually right before the pandemic got crazy and we shut down. It’s kind of given me an opportunity to be a little bit more hands off with clients. Their profile is managed. The appointments are managed. The training which again, is with me, is managed. So it’s been amazing. Also, with my classes, I can just streamline everything.

Briauna Cousino
Briauna Cousino
PocketSuite Esthetician Pro

The interview

Snatched Brows Pro Briauna “Bri” Cousino is an Esthetician in Texas. Her beauty experience and entrepreneurial spirit make her a great asset to our PocketSuite Pro community. Bri talks to CEO, Chinwe Onyeagoro, about owning a beauty bar, educating others and her dreams of franchising.

Thanks for spending some time with us today. We have a large and growing esthetician community and every time we talk to a PocketSuite Esthetician, you ladies always school us. I am so very excited to talk to you today! Can you start by telling us your story? How did you get into aesthetics and what do you currently do?

Absolutely, I’m a licensed aesthetician. I own a beauty bar here in Houston. We specialize in brow waxing, brow tinting, and really all things brows. I started my company about four years ago.  I knew there was a need for this. Ladies love beauty. Now, I have a huge studio. It’s been great. It’s been really great.

When we usually talk to folks about their story, it sounds like a windy road. Most people are not sure of where they are going. That’s not your story, is it? You sound super confident. You sound more like, “I know what it is all about. I know what I am going to do. I know who I am.” Were you pretty much full steam ahead or were there any moments of doubt?

Of course, I feel there’s always going to be that level of fear. That just comes with the territory, but for me, I knew what I wanted. I felt the problem personally. So I just had to put that fear to the side and do my thing. That’s been my attitude since then. No question, some days I don’t feel like getting out of bed. Regardless, we’re still full steam ahead.

You’re amazing. So when I go to your Instagram and when I go to your website, I see so much variety. I didn’t even know you could do that many things with a brow. I’m not ashamed to say that before this call, I was like, “Let me check out my brows. I need to make sure that they’re on point before I talk to Briauna.” So, where do you get your inspiration for the different arches, tints, and styles that you give clients?

It’s just crazy because brows, you’d think, would be an add-on service. So you would go get your nails done. Then brows, you’d let your nail-tech deal with. Or I would get my hair done and then my hair stylist would do my brows. But in the last couple of years, the brow industry has really become its own thing. It’s some love, just some love for the service. The genuine love for people as well. I am inspired by the art. Someone who doesn’t feel like doing their brows, but they come and see us and feel a whole other thing.

It’s funny because I’ve done my brows. What I find is that what you are starting with in terms of the thickness, length, and size of your bush kind of creates the constraint around what the brow artist can do. My brow can get super bushy … so they’re like, “We can’t get it paper thin for you. We’re going to work with what we have.”

We would be a mess in your brow.

Do you give people advice and coaching around how to maintain their brows? 

Oh, absolutely! That’s really what I pride myself in doing. Also, not only providing a service for my client, but educating them as well. So when they go home, I tell them what regiments to start. Castor oil is right for eyebrows, vitamin E oil and things that people aren’t aware of. Caring, concern. I care about lashes and every other thing. Once they come to my establishment, they’re like everybody else. They feel like there’s no hope for my brows. But there is hope, that’s really what we try to restart.

I have two older sisters and we all had a different brow regiment. My oldest sister would wax. Another sister preferred threading. She swore by it. I did just straight out plucking with tweezers. Do you have a position on which brow regiment is better? 

I don’t have a preference. It is really about your skin type. Some people are just way too sensitive to be waxed. So we give them another option. Threading is the same thing. It’s really about your skin sensitivity and preferences. Based on their pain tolerance, some people just prefer one over the other. There is no rule about what’s right and what’s wrong.

Well, that’s a relief! We used to argue about whose routine was better. Do you have a position on folks who shave their brows off entirely and then do semi-permanent makeup or microblading?

I think that option is really right for people who suffer from alopecia. Or those that have thyroid issues. So semi-permanent brows, be it microblading or ombre are great options, but again you just want to do your research as far as your skin type. Of course, you know there are risks out there. You really want to educate yourself before doing semi-permanent brows. I think it’s a great option, especially if you go to someone who knows what they’re doing.

You know, you’re really supportive. Whatever I come at you with, your response is, “We can figure it out. It’s a great option.” I love it! I know you have a master’s class. You’re teaching the next generation how to make a living doing brows, which we think is sooo awesome. How do you help them understand the business side of brows? What are the set of things that you’re training them on to get them ready for going down this path?

Just being honest with them about the money, especially in the beauty industry. It’s going to be a beast. So I’m very transparent and honest with my students. I let them know there’s a danger behind the glamour that is showcased on social media. Entrepreneurship is a journey. We all have to find our own way, our own path in it. 

So you’ll have some months that are great and you’ll have months when people aren’t going to take you as seriously as you take yourself. You have to protect your energy. I feel it’s very important to experience something great. It’s all about the experience, and that’s really how I try to live. Create an experience and it’s going to be you that differentiates yourself in this crowded industry. The industry is saturated, but if you can just be yourself and love your clients and just make them feel like individuals when they’re in your salon, you can change the game.

So basically you’re modeling what you’re teaching them. What’s the profile of someone who takes your class? Where are they coming from? What kind of jobs are they currently doing? What’s the spark that motivates them to sign up for your class?

Well, what I love about what I do is, I get to see people from all walks of their journey. I get young girls who are fresh outta high school. I have women who have been in corporate and nurses who want something different. So I’ve been teaching them for about two years and literally it is always something different. It’s always a different journey. People are different. It’s really a game changer for a lot of people. I just see a lot of difference. It’s not just one type.

I figured you say that. Are they coming to it to do it full time? Are they trying to do it part-time or is it a hobby? What’s their objective when they come to you?

Most of the ladies that I get now who are taking my master classes do have the intention of going full into the industry and going their own way.

That’s amazing! The fact that you’ve been on this journey for four years, but teaching for two years, shows just how talented you are. So what’s the grand plan? What’s the big vision for your business and for your brand?

I guess my big vision is Snatched Brows all over the world. I would like to franchise Snatched Brows all the way. 

It’s going to be a franchise. I love it! So you’ve already got the education. You’re training people to be able to run their own business. That’s awesome! What advice would give to folks who are at the earliest part of their journey, as a way to self assess, whether this path is right for them? What are two or three things that you would suggest that they do to really test this?

You really should be able to question yourself. I would say have some integrity about yourself. Like I said, entrepreneurship and a lot of times what I do people see as a quick means to make money. No, this is a skill, this is an art. You really are going to have to question what your intentions are as you go into it. Is it a hustle? Really check what your intentions are, what’s your heart behind what you do? 

What’s the best part of your day? When are you in your zone? 

I will say first thing in the morning when I get up and I meditate. I set my mind for the day. That’s my best part. When I can be still and I can be quiet. 

I love that! You’re starting your day with some meditation and intention. You have to, you really do. It’ll get away from you if you don’t. How did you find out about PocketSuite? And what has your experience been?

I started using Pocket Suite last year, this time, actually right before the pandemic got crazy and we shut down. It’s been an amazing platform for me. It’s kind of given me an opportunity to be a little bit more hands off with clients. Their profile is managed. The appointments are managed. The training which again, is with me, is managed. So it’s been amazing. Also, with my classes, I can just streamline everything.

Well, we love everything about your brand. The way you conduct yourself, your website, your Instagram, you just have it all so tight. We’re really proud of everything you’ve done. 

Absolutely, thank you guys so much for the opportunity!

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