Clients can now type any of the below "SMS shortcodes" via text, and instantly book, pay, confirm or receive status updates on all upcoming appointments & invoices.



The easiest way for a client to pay you for services.

3 steps to collect payment:

   1. Send your client an invoice from PocketSuite

   2. Client responds "/pay" via text

   3. Payment sent directly to your bank account

Paying has never been easier for your clients.


Clients text "/book" and get instantly sent your scheduling link.

Clients can browse your services, availability and book you directly from their phone.

Receive job requests while you sleep!


Need confirmation from a client? Easy.

Clients simply need to text you "/confirm", and any outstanding appointments that need confirming will be sent to them instantly.

Then just tap to confirm!




Your clients can now access their schedules on demand with "/status"

Clients are automatically sent their entire invoice and appointment schedule on file with you

They can then tap "/pay" to pay invoices on file, or tap appointment links to add them to their calendar

Life just got easier for your favorite clients :)