Schedule multi-day appointments with clients your new Reservations tool.

Request deposits, send reminders, and even offer clients to book with you directly online.  

Set Up Reservations You Offer

Add any multi-day service as a "Reservation" into PocketSuite

Specify reservation details including title, duration, price, deposit and more

(Under Settings > Prices in PocketSuite)

Send Reservations for Confirmation

Choose any client to schedule

Confirm date/time and duration of the reservation

Request clients confirm multi-day appointments with credit card and pay any required deposit

BOOKING WIDGET: Integrate online scheduling and allow clients to place reservations with you online.

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Clients Confirm Over Text

Clients don't need to download a thing!

Notify customers conveniently over SMS text

Clients can confirm and reference reservation details, anywhere from their phone

Get Paid, Notified, & Stay Organized

You're notified in real-time with each client confirmation or booking

Keep all client appointments, payments and communication in a single thread

Confirmed reservations sync directly with your calendar (e.g., iCal, Google, Outlook, etc.)