PocketSuite Referral Program

When you invite friends or colleagues to join PocketSuite, you both benefit from rewards. You receive a refund on processing fees for up to $1,000 in payments processed in March 2018.

How to Share Your Referral Link

1) From Settings > Send a referral in the app, tap Refer a Business.

2) Share your unique free processing link to your friends over text, Twitter, or Facebook, or simply copy and paste the link in any status or email you like.

New businesses must activate their PocketSuite account using your referral link in order for a referral reward to be issued to you.

What You Get

For any business you refer through your unique referral link who signs up prior to March 24th, 2018 this month and enables a 7-day free trial of a paid plan (all plans can be found here: https://pocketsuite.io/pricing), you will get a dollar for dollar match (up to $1,000) on payments they process in free processing. If your friend signs up, enables a free trial and processes $785 during their free trial, you will get $785 of free payment processing as a thank you for spreading the love about PocketSuite. Note: if you have any remaining free processing credit at the end of March, it will roll over to April. All free processing does have to be done by you by the end of April, 2018.

What Your Friend Gets

Your friend gets access to a 7-day trial of a Premium plan (valued at $20-$100/mo), and $2000 of free payment processing during their first 7 days of having the app ($54 value).

Frequently asked questions

1) How Do I Get My Free Processing? 

You will receive a payment in your bank via PocketSuite by April 10th (Note: If you don't have a bank account on file, please go to Settings : Start Getting Paid to add it to receive your referral gift). Your standard processing fees will be charged on all of your payments processed this month as is typical. However, you will get the full processing fee back on up to $1,000 of payment processing fees per referral in March 2018.

2) Is there a limit to the number of pros I can refer this month? 

There is no limit to the number of pros you can refer (the more referrals, the more you get in free payment processing). If you post your unique referral link in a Facebook group and 10 pros signup and process at least $1,000 of payments during their first 7 days, you can get $10,000 of payment processing for free. Free processing credits to you expire at the end of the day on 4/30/18.

3) When is this promotion running until?

This promotion is limited to this month only (your referral has to sign up by end of day 11:59pm Pacific Time on 3/24/18).

4) How will you know I referred them?

Your referral will need to signup using your unique referral link so we know you referred them and can send you your gift. Your link can be found under Settings > Send a referral > Refer a business.