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Ecommerce has taken over the small business world. And fitness trainers can get in on the rewards.  You can increase your income and provide more value to clients by launching an online store. All you need is a little motivation and a solid ecommerce growth strategy. 

Are you sold? Perfect!  

Keep reading. We put together the best strategies to grow an ecommerce business as a fitness trainer. 

ecommerce growth strategy

6 Ways to Grow an Ecommerce Business as a Fitness Trainer

Service-based business owners often sell retail products alongside their classes and packages. As a trainer, you can launch an online store and sell useful products to your steady stream of loyal clients. 

Remember, it takes time for an online store to bring in consistent income. That’s why business owners use special techniques to maximize their income from ecommerce sales. This is known as an ecommerce growth strategy. And you’ll need a good one if you want your online store to thrive.

Check out these six strategies to grow your ecommerce store.

#1 Choose value-add products

The best strategy for ecommerce growth is choosing the right products to add to your inventory. A good product can improve your clients’ experience and boost your business revenue. 

The tricky part is finding products that keep up with industry trends and won’t break the bank to stock up on. Your products should be in demand and useful to your clients. For example, you can sell equipment they’ll need in your class, like a pair of grippy socks for a group barre class.

 If clients like your products, they’ll trust you more as a trainer. It’s a win-win. So, make sure they’re high quality. A shoddy product could hurt your business reputation and cause you to lose bookings. 

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In general, fitness instructors and personal trainers sell: 

  • Digital products, like courses and meal planners 
  • Workout clothing
  • Equipment, like dumbbells or resistance bands
  • Nutritional supplements 
  • Merchandise, like T-shirts and water bottles

Once you stock up on your products, add them to your Pocketsuite ordering site, and can keep track of your inventory in the app. 

#2 Upsell your products 

Upselling is a tried and true ecommerce growth strategy. More than likely, your online products pair well with your fitness services. When clients book you for an appointment, you can upsell products that will help crush their fitness goals. You know that your clients already have a use for or interest in the product, so they’re more likely to buy. 

At PocketSuite, you can attach products as add-ons to specific services, so your products can be upsold during checkout. They get one final nudge to add your goods to their cart. 

#3 Offer multiple payment methods

An ecommerce growth strategy is all about earning money. So make sure you can accept various payment methods. 

Clients expect to have multiple payment options. They want the convenience to pay as they please. Nothing worse than getting to check out and being met with limited payment options. Clients will abandon their cart even if they love your products. You’re leaving money on the table.

Accepting payments doesn’t have to be complicated. With PocketSuite, you can mark paid to accept cash or accept credit cards online and in-person with a card reader or even just your phone with Tap To Pay. 

#4 Diversify your marketing 

A strong marketing strategy is the key to growing any online store. Implement a consistent social media strategy and ecommerce growth is assured. You can use social media to push organic traffic to your store. Post about new product launches or use your products in your Instagram reels. And remember to share your online ordering link with your followers. 

ecommerce growth strategy

But social media isn’t the only player in this game. You can promote your products through email marketing and even referrals. Your best marketing strategy can come from the products themselves. You can add your personal branding to water bottles, gear, and clothes. Your clients can wear your branded merch in and out of the gym. And you can use or wear your products during your sessions.

You’re sure to get some compliments (and hopefully, sales!)

#5 Follow-up with clients 

Lead nurturing is an effective ecommerce growth strategy. You grow your business by retargeting people who’ve already shown interest in your products and services. To get more sales for your online store, reach out to clients who booked you for classes or bought products from you in the past. It’s an easier sell because they’re already familiar with your brand.

In PocketSuite, you can launch an automated text campaign with product promotions that will be sent to anyone who buys items from your online store. 

#6 Pick the best ecommerce platform

It’s important to find the right online platform to grow your ecommerce business. You need a platform to automate those time-consuming store management tasks, like enforcing a cancellation policy or sending out tracking information. A good platform gives you more time to spend doing what you love.

Also, be sure to consider the platform fees, i.e., will they take a cut of your earnings? And make sure their fulfillment options align with your business. For example, if you sell to clients in person, you need to have shipping and pick-up as delivery methods. 

As a trainer, you need your ecommerce platform to work double duty. Ecommerce giants like Etsy and Shopify don’t offer special support for service-based business owners. On PocketSuite, you can book clients for services and set up an online store to sell products. You only need one app to get the job done. 

It’s Time To Checkout

An online store can take your fitness business to the next level. You can double your earnings by selling clients products to aid their fitness journey. To make your online store a success, you need a solid ecommerce growth strategy with diverse marketing and automation. You’ll also need an A+ booking and ecommerce platform. 

PocketSuite can help with that. We’re the all-in-one platform for fitness trainers to grow their business. You can book clients and sell products straight from your phone!