Yoga Career Overview

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Since the 1970s, health, and wellbeing practices imported from the East have become more and more popular. Yoga is probably the most ubiquitous of these to the extent that almost every community sport and recreation center in the United States will offer yoga instruction of some kind. It came a long way from Northern India over 5,000 years ago.  

Yoga therapists work with groups or individuals and teach combinations of breathing, stretching, and meditation exercises designed to help promote a more balanced and healthy mind and body. Indeed, it is in the increased integration of the mind and body that Yoga achieves its aims. Yoga instructors can teach a wide range of individuals, from students to adults, and teach broad concepts to highly specialized and focused versions of the practice.

 Practicing Yoga can promote a healthier lifestyle by:

  • Increasing mental clarity and energy
  • Increasing flexibility and physical endurance
  • Improved muscle tone and weight loss


The US Bureau of Labor reports that employment for all fitness instructors is likely to increase by 13% from 2018 through to 2028 as health and weight loss remain high priorities for the American public. In 2005 the North American Studio Alliance, which specializes in Interactive Yoga, estimated that 70,000 instructors were working in the US alone.


  • Projected job growth 2018-2028 13%
  • Median salary 2018 – $39,820

Resources to help in starting or expanding your Yoga career: