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Are you a solo-preneur or running your own small business, and you’re finding it challenging to keep your client messaging organized and on point? Lots of small business owners and solopreneurs have been in your exact position, believe it or not. The worst part is the frustration and confusion that’s caused by not having everything organized in one system.

So you jumped the gun and downloaded Whatsapp for Business, thinking that it would help your disorganized self, but now you’re running into other challenges!

In this article we will be discussing the top frustrations of professionals that use Whatsapp for Business. We’ll cover:

  • Giving out your personal number to clients
    • Checking two different voicemails (if you have Google Voice)
  • Call Routing frustrations
  • Losing track of messaging threads with your clients (and having to dig them out from between your SMS conversation with your niece and your dinner reservation confirmation texts)
  • No Automated Follow Up – aka letting your clients disappear into the night, never to be seen or heard from again, without following up proactively (because let’s face it – you’re busy and you have new clients to bring aboard)
  • Message Templates – having to retype the same messages over and over (on your tiny little phone keyboard! Everytime I type on my phone I swear I feel like I have sausage fingers… Kiolbassas!)

Ready to dive in? Put on your aqualung because we’re going deep!


How many times have you seen your phone ring and wondered… is this a client calling me, or a friend?

Or even worse… you picked up the phone thinking it was a client, but it was just one of those 3  spammers that keeps calling you (for the thousandth time this week)?

Yes, as small business owners we all get bombarded by solicitors. But at least you should be able to know if it’s business-related or if it’s your neighbor calling you because he needs help finding his cat that got loose and he thinks the cat is hiding under your deck.

So you jump the gun and get a business line with Google Voice.

Not so fast! Now you’re even more handicapped because you have to keep switching between 2 different apps, checking 2 different voicemails.

There’s got to be a better way!

In fact, there is.

Find an app like PocketSuite that gives you a business line for less than ten bucks a month, and your problems are solved for less than two coffees a month.

Seriously, no more checking 2 voicemails. Hooray for saving time!


So let’s say you already have a Google Voice business line, but you want to take advantage of PocketSuite’s ability to keep your life and business on track.

That’s fine! Just download the app and your existing personal line (or even your Google Voice number) will effortlessly be routed to your PocketSuite business number. Clients will never see your personal number, they will only see the PocketSuite business number, but all of the calls they make to you will be routed to your personal voicemail. So you only have to check one voicemail – all without giving up your personal information and privacy.

No more switching between apps to check different voicemail boxes.

Phew… just thinking about doing that was giving me a headache. We as humans like to have one place for everything, and PocketSuite gives you just that.


Okay, how many times has this happened to you?

You’re scrolling through your text message threads (or Whatsapp Business threads) and you can’t remember which numbers are associated with your clients vs your friends and family.

You could just save every single client’s contact info in your phone or Whatsapp, but that is cumbersome and takes a lot of manual effort, especially considering as your business grows and this ends up taking more and more of your precious time that you should be spending on income generating activities.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was an app that had all of your clients already stored as contacts, with notes and group messages that you could send out easily without having to scroll past your hubby’s text messages asking if you can pick up some milk at the store on your way home?

Well, you probably know where I’m going with this, but there is in fact such an app.


Okay, here’s a big one.

How many times have you set the intention of following up proactively with your clients, done it for about a week or two, and then just gave up because it’s so much manual effort to do?

Guess what… you’re not alone.

In fact, this is something I hear all the time from fellow small business owners and solopreneurs.

They’re like, “I really should follow up more with my clients” or “I know I’m leaving money on the table, but it’s so frustrating having to scour Whatsapp or my SMS threads, trying to figure out who to follow up with.”

Trust me, I feel your pain. That’s why PocketSuite came out with the most amazing feature since sliced bread (that is NOT available anywhere else – not even Whatsapp Business) and it’s called Smart Campaigns.

With Smart Campaigns you can literally schedule automated follow-ups – proactive, automated text message campaigns that will text your clients automatically and convert more one-time clients to repeat clients so you can grow your recurring income.

You can also offer discounts to your clients to get them to come back.

Smart Campaigns has been “game changing” and has literally helped to grow thousands of businesses’ income. Keep in mind, text messages still have a 90%+ open rate.

So if you want to keep nudging your customers to buy more from you, forget email – this is by far the best way to do it.

Did I mention that Smart Campaigns are included in a Premium PocketSuite subscription that literally costs less than $20 per month?

If you even get 1 current client to buy more or come back and become a repeat client, this feature pays for itself many times over.

Remember, it’s easier to sell to current customers than to get new customers – always.

Your current clients are a gold mine of new business just waiting to be tapped into! And now, you don’t even have to do it manually (since you and I both know that it makes way more sense to have an automated system take care of it).

Quit leaving money on the table using SMS or Whatsapp Business, and start utilizing Smart Campaigns with PocketSuite today. Like, right now.


How many times have you run into this issue:

  • Client messages you
  • You open up the SMS thread of Whatsapp for Business
  • You start typing out a response, only to realize that you’ve typed out this response literally a million times before

I know that’s happened to me plenty!

Don’t even get me started on the Whatsapp Saved message template feature. It’s weaksauce compared to PocketSuite – for example there’s a character limit, it’s clunky to use, and it makes it difficult to remember which message is which because the shortcodes are all one letter.

On the other hand, PocketSuite’s Message Templates are clean and easy to use. You just tap on the menu and there they are, right where you need them as you’re composing a message to your client. Presto manifesto, you just saved yourself 30 seconds of frustration. Now repeat that with each client and each message to them (not to mention you can eliminate a lot of this follow-up using Smart Campaigns) and you’ve got yourself a recipe for one heck of a time-saver!

Tens of thousands of businesses have switched over to PocketSuite for good reason.

You’d be doing yourself, your business, and your clients a solid by transitioning away from SMS or Whatsapp Business to something more professional, automated, and integrated.

Drop the old and get with the new! Try PocketSuite for free today.