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What Does a Volleyball Instructor Do?

While it may seem like a volleyball instructor’s primary goal is to coach a team to win, it is not the key objective. Patience is key, and the outcome is not as important as the process. 

As a volleyball instructor, you will teach students the fundamental elements of the game and how it’s played. A volleyball instructor will instill safe and healthy exercise habits, volleyball plays and techniques, and a sense of good sportsmanship. 

A volleyball instructor must teach the 6 foundational techniques:

  • Serving
  • Passing
  • Setting
  • Hitting
  • Blocking
  • Digging

An excellent instructor will provide each player with equal attention, regardless of their skill level. And provide the support needed to the players because one of the most important things coaches can do is build every player on the team’s self-esteem. Keep comments constructive and fair. Training for players is at all levels so that an instructor may coach small children just beginning the sport, a college team, or Olympic bound players.

How Much Does a Volleyball Instructor Make?

The average volleyball instructor hourly wage in the United States Of America is $19.60.

Said wages vary by state and some of the higher-ranking states include: 

  1. New York, NY

34 salaries reported

$47.63 per hour

  1. San Francisco, CA

6 salaries reported

$34.64 per hour

  1. Dallas, TX

6 salaries reported

$27.04 per hour

  1. Kansas City, MO

7 salaries reported

$26.23 per hour

5.Chicago, IL

6 salaries reported

$24.38 per hour

6.Seattle, WA

12 salaries reported

$24.16 per hour

  1. Baltimore, MD

8 salaries reported

$24.15 per hour

8.Sacramento, CA

9 salaries reported

$22.37 per hour

Resources to help in starting or expanding your Volleyball Instructor/Coach: