Unleashed Pet Grooming School

• 23 June 2021

Unleashed Pet Grooming School Overview

When you sign up for this 3-month course, you are taking the first step to becoming a professional pet groomer. Learn how to groom dogs and cats.

You can enroll in grooming school and start your lucrative new career for only $1,500. You will be receiving a diploma from a state licensed school and after graduation they will work with you on finding your first job.

Training Programs at Unleashed Pet Grooming School

  • Equipment – 25 hours
  • Pet Handling Safety – 25 hours
  • Creative Grooming – 25 hours
  • Bathing, Drying and Brushing Pets Properly – 80 hours
  • Breed Trims – 200 hours
  • Dermel Pet Nails – 50 hours
  • Identifying Breeds – 75 hours
  • Price Range: Starting at $1,500 

Resources for Unleashed Pet Grooming School