Unified Taekwon-Do

• 31 March 2020

An Overview of Unified Taekwon-Do

Unified TKD is a global Taekwon-Do organization committed to the conservation as well as the teaching of Taekwon-Do as laid out by originator, General Choi Hong Hi.

Unified Taekwon-Do has an ever-increasing global community of members – individuals, educational institutions, as well as associations.

How to Join Unified Taekwon-Do

Membership Options:

• Individual Membership – $35 – Annual Membership
• School Charter – $150 – Two Year Charter
• Association Charter – $500 – Lifetime Charter

To sign up and for more information, visit their website linked below.

Resources for Unified Taekwon-Do

Location: 50 Bulkeley Hill Road, Colchester, Connecticut, USA 06415

Website: http://www.unifiedtaekwondo.com/

Email: unified.hq@unifiedtaekwondo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnifiedTKD1/

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