Top Tier K9

• 23 June 2021

Top Tier K9 Overview

The Top Tier K9 Dog Trainer School is designed using Bloom’s Cognitive Taxonomy, advanced Internet technologies, and the industry’s first affiliate model. Future dog trainers can go as far as they desire in the program with the ability to “jump off” at strategic points to maximize potential and minimize investment in time, energy and money.

Programs focus on business, project management, sales and marketing support to assist students in starting and managing their own dog training businesses. The affiliate model puts students on the map and the dog trainer program incorporates real project management and business training as a component of the educational program.

Training Programs at Top Tier K9

  • Pet Trainer Program (Live On-Line)
  • Pet Trainer Certification (Live On-Site)
  • Foundation Dog Trainer Program (Live On-Line)
  • Foundation Dog Trainer Certification (Live On-Site)
  • Price Range: $1,950 – $3,950

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