Dog Grooming School at The Academy of Pet Careers

• 29 April 2020

The Academy of Pet Careers Overview

The dog grooming school at The Academy of Pet Careers is considered one of the top programs of its kind. Their dog grooming courses last from roughly a month to 15 weeks, meaning you could be working in in your new career in a matter of a couple of months.

Programs are tailored to meet individual student objectives. Some students may train to work for a pet hotel or sanctuary. Others may want to be professional groomers.

Training Programs at The Academy of Pet Careers

  • Dog Grooming Programs – Bather/Brusher
  • Dog Grooming Programs – Assistant Groomer
  • Dog Grooming Programs – Professional Groomer
  • Price Range: Starting at $8-$12 per hour

Resources for The Academy of Pet Careers

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